Monday, November 29, 2010

Bosses, Vivocity

Today was not an ordinary Monday.

What usually entails is confinement to my desk, where I furiously reduce my email inbox to an acceptable level of chaos. However I am now in between jobs (= free days off). Today I woke up in the morning and instead of rushing my ass to the train station, I decided to do laundry and had a leisurely breakfast. Then I read the news and played maybe 382 frustrating rounds of Bejeweled (that shit is addictive).
Then I was bored.

Thank goodness I had lunch with my honey bearkins Ron to look forward to! We decided to go to Bosses. Upon seating we were presented with this appetizer of what seemed to be some sort of crispy battered fish skin thing. We happily tucked in. It was pretty good, but later we found that it was not complimentary (darnit) and felt slightly cheated of $3.80. Oh well!

1. Noodles. We ordered this stewed beef la mien dish, hoping it was the same one that he had eaten the last time he was here. Unfortunately, it wasn't.

What it was, though, was chunks of stewed beef and potato in a sweet-ish broth and plenty of thick chewy noodles served in a giant bowl. Was okay-tasting but we both thought it could have been a bit spicier. I would have preferred a leaner cut of beef in my noodles too. Honestly not a very memorable order.

2. Fried carrot (turnip!) cake. This was wrapped in an omelette, which made it pretty unique. Served with dried shrimp chilli oil.

This was yummy, but maybe because of the liberal amounts of chilli oil applied to each bite.

3. Siew Mai (it was named something like the Superior Queen Mother of all Siew Mais I think). I enjoyed this because there was a whole shrimp sitting atop of each serving and it was very tasty.

I would order a whole basket for myself the next time I visit hehe.
4. Chicken feet (phoenix claw?) I don't eat feet, but Ron happily devoured this.

5. Signature Custard Bun. This didn't disappoint - the custard egg yolk filling was good! It kind of spilled all over our plates so please be careful you don't spray your fellow diners while launching into it.

We should have made them serve this last so that it was nice and WARM and gooey. Definitely also a repeat order in the future!

All in all it was a good lunch. Wasn't terribly heavy (on the stomach and pockets). Not sure if they have discount tie-ups with any credit cards, but they should if they don't!

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