Friday, January 13, 2012

De Burg, Bukit Merah (opposite IKEA)

 Lured by the promise of scrummy burgers to end the work week, we hunted down De Burg. This had been on our list of places to try since mid last year. De Burg was previously located at Ghim Moh, but the HDB block went en bloc and they have since shifted to Bukit Merah, very near the Alexandra Village Food Centre. It is 1-2 bus stops / 15 minute walk from Queenstown MRT.

 Been wanting to check this place out for the longest time and when we finally decided to go I saw the closed sign on HGW =.= Luckily a little google-fu later we realized that it actually moved (nearer to 's house) to opposite IKEA, woot.

 I suppose the dining concept is akin to Botak Jones'. Housed in a HDB foodcourt (alongside other hawker-stalls selling mixed rice/porridge, popiah, drinks etc), De Burg serves no frills, honest and affordable burgers.

 The Home of Burgasm! Mmmm.    immediately pounced on the Choco Lamb burger. Can you imagine - NUTELLA AND LAMB together? The thought obviously excited   , although to be honest I was very apprehensive and decided to settle on the familiar territory of a Mushroom Cheese burger.

So you pay at the counter and you get the UFO disc thing that buzzes when your order is up.

 Checkered table cloths :)

Now their philosophy is 'burgers are not fast food' and this is true lol. While waiting I'd suggest ordering a drink from the stall and just chill out, catch up with friends and stock your Tiny Tower and just wait. There's no hurrying good stuff.

{ Choco Lamb Burger ($15.50) }
200g AUS Lamb Patty with Nutella spread on the heel bun
 Not many places serve lamb burgers so I just HAD to try this unique nutella lamb delight (no way would I settle for Boring Lamb Burger, pfftt!) And lo-and-behold, nutella and lamb, do actually kind-of work together. It's not overflowing with nutella - don't worry. There's just enough to give that mildly sweet, hazelnut, chocolatey taste, and coupled with the gamey, savoury lamb it actually gives a really strong flavour in every bite. Chocolate and lamb pairings actually do exist, so it's not all that uncommon - still a first for me!

 I had two bites and wow - what was this seriously interesting and bewildering but tasty sensation in my mouth? The salty and sweet surprisingly works! Although the lamb patty was too gamey for my liking, the flavours harmonized nicely. Now I wondered what inspired the making of this particular burger. How did anyone thought to put a hunk of lamb on Nutella? I'd eat fries with Nutella sure, but LAMB?

{ Mushroom Cheese Burger ($14.50) }
200g AUS Striploin Patty with Cheese and De Burg's Portobello Mushroom Gravy

 My safer choice of beef with mushroom and cheese was a good one actually. I really liked this! It went splendidly with dabs of mustard and ketchup. The buns were soft, smooth and yielding (ack, sounds almost wrong) and the patty was tender yet did not fall to pieces when cut through. I could have used a bit more charred-ness on the edges but didn't really miss it. The burger also comes with plenty of salad and fries as well, which makes for a balanced (ish) meal. Alongside my Coke, I had to leave behind some fries despite being the massive eater that I am! For under $15 this is a satisfying meal worthy of a hearty belly rub.

 The beef patty was done just perffecctttllyyyyyy - not too undercooked, rendering the buns a soggy mess; neither was it overcooked, rendering the patty dry burnt and bitter. Slow food burger gets stamp of approval!

It heartens me to know that kind of establishments still exist, serving great food prepared with heart and soul and at affordable prices. Eat their burgers, today.

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  1. You might want to try the Chicken burger with salted egg yolk sauce.

  2. the portobello mushrooms are to die for ! head down on a friday/weekend to get the decadence burger !

  3. I missed the chicken burger page ... will definitely try the salted egg chicken!


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