Sunday, January 27, 2013

Senor Taco, Star Vista

Ah Star Vista ... armed to the teeth with restaurants, this relatively new mall is, just awesome - you'll just be spoilt for choice coming here for a meal. Riccioti for some lovely pasta, Menya Musashi for that heavy ramen, Morganfields for a good slab of ribs, Triple O's for that poutine/burger goodness (our next stop!) ... well we kinda felt like Mexican today.

 We stood outside Senor Taco and literally flipped a coin to choose between Senor Taco and Morganfields - just cos Morganfields seemed like a safe choice - but fate would have us eat tacos today. Awkwardly placed, you either have to walk past 20 restaurants to get there, or straight up from the outside which would be a problem if it rained.

Food here wasn't cheap surprisingly, Mexican food has never struck me as expensive, not that I've had any in Singapore (or anywhere else, besides Chipotlé in the states). We ordered the stereotypical tacos and burrito, then I later decided I wanted to try the nachos as well.

{ Super Burro ($21.90) }
12" wheat tortilla, super burro filled with all the goodies (steak (+$1), chicken or veggies)

 The burrito ... was just alright. Slightly crispy-ed on the outside, your usual suspects on the inside (chicken, rice, veg - the works) but somehow I expected a lot more for that price! Granted my only point of reference besides an everyday-wrap was Chipotlé, which was roughly half the price and almost twice the burrito density, and that was in Manhattan! Whether Chipotle was authentic or not, it was  multi-fold better than this.

{ Tacos Al Pastor ($14.90) }
Pork or Chicken - The most famous and sought-after tacos in Mexico. First and only in Singapore (order of five in 4" corn tortilla)

 This famous, sought-after, first-and-only-in-Singapore tacos were ... they were pretty nice. We were a littlleee disappointed that it wasn't the crispy shell variety (our bad for not knowing our tacos) but the flavour in the chicken was good, the combination of the pineapple, onions and lime were pretty delish. But again somehow it felt lacking, and it wasn't too special.

{ Nachos ($12.90?) }
Nachos with cheese, beans, peppers and guacamole

 Probably the worst choice I made. The portion was pretty large but the cheese wasn't melted properly, the beans tasted canned, and it had this overall bland taste, even with the guac dip.

As I was paying the bill one of the servers who was Mexican was a little surprised that we appeared nonchalant about the food, and assured me that the food here was genuinely, authentically Mexican - which I felt a lil hard to believe. He did recommend the Chicken Molé and the Enmoladas, so if you do come here probably give the burritos and tacos a miss.

Senor Taco
#02-22 The Star Vista

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