Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hanoi Street Food

{ Cha ca la vong } Turmeric marinated grilled fish with dill and fresh herbs

{ Rau Cau Trai Dua } Coconut jelly

{ Banh Cuon } Steamed rice paper rolls with pork and mushrooms

{ Banh Bot Loc } Tapioca dumpling with pork, mushrooms and prawns

{ Nom Bo Kho } Dried beef salad

{ Pho Bo } Flat rice noodles with beef

{ Frog with salt and pepper }

{ Fried crickets }

{ Bun Bo } Rice noodles with beef (southern style)

{ Mien Xao Luon } Glass noodles with fried eel

{ Trung Vit Lon } Boiled developing duck egg

{ Banana flower salad }

{ Rice paper rolls with Cha ca }

{ Ca Phe Trung } Coffee with egg cream

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