Friday, June 10, 2011

Two Fat Men, East Coast Road

Managed to get hold of a DSLR this weekend to play with. Joy!

The name of this place serves no indication whatsoever as to what kind of food would be on the menu - but 's cousin recommended Two Fat Men for their burgers. A quick background research also (strangely) showed great Thai food as well.

I was a wee bit disappointed when we were not, in fact, greeted by two fat men.

Determined to try the good stuff, we first ordered this Grilled Pork Neck with Tamarind Spicy Sauce ($8.90) which is apparently a Must Try on the menu.

I had imagined horribly fatty chunks of pork with a slather of sauce - so when this arrived I was a bit relieved. Pork was sufficiently charred and not too fatty/oily - with a side of flavourful, slightly spicy tamarind sauce.

I was quite surprised by the portion to be honest!! $9 gets you like, one frickin' neck, was slightly chewy and nicely charred. The sauce was pretty awesome.

This actually went very well with..

Basil Chicken Fried Rice, topped with one fried egg ($6.50). Wasn't as fragrant as I had hoped - it was lacking fresh basil (we'd fish out maybe 2-3 dark pieces of leaves). Still, this went superbly with the more vibrant tamarind pork.

There's no way around it - this dish looks boring, it's like orange egg on rice - can't really complain for $6.50. Rice itself was really good actually, moist and strong in chilli and chicken flavour. But I really, really, really could not taste any basil whatsoever - should have renamed the dish Chilli Chicken Fried Rice. Eating it with the tamarind sauce and pork was pretty vanderful.

Decided to try their burgers which I heard was good - still reeling from portobello last week, I decided on the bacon & egg burger - signature juicy beef burger topped with cheddar sauce, bacon and a fried egg ($11.20). Other reviewers were right about food being almost literally thrown on your table to be honest! Thankfully it didn't come with fries or we would've been stuffed silly D:

First bite - the bacon was sooooooo crispy, it literally cracks in your mouth. And the beef patty was slightly salty too, which gave the whole burger a rather pronounced saltiness. However after a few bites ... I realized both the patty and the bacon were too charred. While I do like them well done, I do not enjoy eating carbon - if I wanted to eat carbon I'll have a pencil buffet thank-you-very-much. The patty was also still wet and loosely packed, it started falling apart midway. All in all it was ok but the graphite really put me off completely.

Food here is semi cheap and I'm sure their finger food e.g. their pork neck would go well with beer over a soccer match. Though I wouldn't make a special trip for the food.

I think my greatest takeaway was that DSLRs are DAMN HARD TO USE, and that a macro lens is in order! (Photos were taken with a Nikon D90 with a 35mm f/1.8 prime)

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