Sunday, June 5, 2011

Swiss Grill, Coronation Plaza

Random, useless bit of information Trivia: a couple of months ago we compiled a list of restaurants/cafes to visit (on an Excel spreadsheet that we can sort by food type and price, no less), naively thinking it'd be a breeze to cross these out as we go along by just picking one out to go to every weekend or so. Today, the list is probably 3x longer (though we no longer keep firm record) as we keep finding new places to add.

But! today I am proud to announce we managed to tick one off the list! We decided to have dinner at Swiss Grill on this fine Sunday evening. Pleasantly greeted by a cheerful waitress, we proceeded to order while watching more and more people streaming in. The place was teeming for a Sunday night.

Butcher by day, chef by night, the inhabitants of this butchery sharpen their knives and hone their skills to feed the living with fresh meat. Which ... is all true though, except their cafe does open from the morning :)

Spicy Italian Sausages ($13.90) arrived first: here were two large house made pork sausages with spices, on a bed of mashed potato and purple cabbage.

Sausages were great - while cutting into it you can feel the tension of the firm, crisp skin giving way to a soft meaty interior. I had expected it to be more spicy as its name suggests, but otherwise the balance of flavours of the salty sausage, creamy mash and sour crunchy cabbage (together with a dash of mustard and blob of ketchup) was lovely!

The sausage was (once again) very dense. Very tightly packed if that makes sense ... the sausage meat was firm to the bite and bursting with flavours of spice (?). It's quite evident that it's made from better quality meat parts instead of mystery meat, and it's quite a generous serving of meat for the price to be honest!

I was contemplating the Angus ribeye but at $40 for 220g I wasn't ready out to shell out that kinda dough today. Overheard the nice couple next to us raving about the Swiss Portobello Burger, I just had to give it a try. At $15.90, comes with a grilled premium chuck beef, bacon, emmental cheese and creamed portobello mushrooms. Add $2.50 for chunky fries and mesclun salad, which I did gladly :)

Damn, that's what I call a burger. Burger wasn't horrendously massive, but the chuck patty and the huge portions of sliced portobello was some serious stuff. The mushrooms were awweesssommme, creamy they were, and overflowing too. Had to scoop the escapees back under the bun where they belong. The overall taste was pretty stellar, and definitely use your knife and fork (though I detest using them on a burger ...) as the juices from the mushrooms can and will escape when squeezed!!!

Personally I felt the chuck beef patty at Fatboy's kinda edges out in terms of flavour - not sure why but I felt this patty to be really beefy but at the same time a little bland. *shrugs*

Would recommend this place for quality hunks of meat (just, you know, real cow.. none of that frozen, questionable nonsense). There is also no service charge here, happy days!

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