Friday, March 4, 2011

Fatboy's Burgers, The Foundry

After a long week of work, we decided we needed a little pampering, so went to good ol' The Foundry (just kidding, first time there) at Mohammad Sultan for some Fatboy's - we heard good things about this place, and were definitely up for some burgersssss.

To our surprise the Foundry is a combination of several food places - Fatboy's, some indian place, some thai place, and a bar. We liked the setting which wasn't too crowded for a Friday night, and wasn't too warm too despite having no aircon. Decor and furniture were also bare minimum, and the no-frills-ness really shows in the menu pricing.

In my momentary delusion of hunger, I decided on the Fat Basterd (... just one fat bastard of a burger) while bunny went for the Bushtucker (pork fillet, bacon, garlic aioli). And dear goodness of all right and holy, when this beast came ...

The monstrosity of a burger was only $18, for a burger with ... oh my god, double humongous patties of beef. Double beef all the way ... omg, double bacon. WHOOOOooaaaHHHHH. Double cheese! Aww the cheese is full onnnnnn.

And egg, and a side of awesome self-made fried potato strips (these my friend, were not fries), and interestingly a single leaf of lettuce and slice of tomato - all that's needed to counteract the massive artery clogging this bad beast is going to be responsible for. And as for the burger ... dear lord in heaven this was the best burger I've had in ages. All beef patties were done medium well, and the ultra-juicy patty flaked softly to the bite, with just enough pepper for the aroma and taste.

I couldn't fit the burger-behemoth in my mouth, so I had to eat it like an apple with cautious bites up down left right, whittling it down like a last boss fight. And let's just say, I completed the game. Heavenly, and so bad for you.

While the bear was battling his dinner with delight, bunny was enjoying her burger too. While not as gargantuan as the Fat Basterd, the Bushtucker was generous and packed with flavour. Was so good that the fried egg harboured thoughts of escaping....

The pork patty was definitely interesting and a good change to regular ole beef versions. Was done just right - not too cooked that it was dry and falling apart, but not too rare that it was a bit gross eating semi raw pig. The best ingredient is the AIOLI. It went superb with the whole deal, mate.

Dinner was so good that we made plans to revisit while eating (breaking our promise not to revisit any restaurant too soon), so this is as good as burgers get!!

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