Sunday, March 20, 2011

Prime Cut, Kovan

Were it not for a spontaneous Sunday adventure to Serangoon for a walkabout in NEX Mall, we would have no reason to step foot (feet?) onto Kovan grounds. After much oohing and awwing at little dogs falling over each other at the NEX Skygarden dog park, we decided to make our way to further unfamiliar territory.

I first read about Prime Cut on HGW - and was immediately attracted to the proposition of cheap steaks at a neighbourhood setting (ie no air conditioning, no GST and service charges). Upon browsing the menu, we were pleased to find out that everything was surprisingly affordable, and quick glances at other tables indicated that serving sizes were decent.

We ordered a medium rare 300gm striploin steak ($18.90) and the Mexico chicken ($9.90), both completed as a meal (additional $4.50 for a soup, smoked duck, fruits and black coffee).

Soup was of the Campbell variety, but was to be expected. The smoked duck was not very duck-like - if I ate it in a blind test I'd proclaim it was ham. Garlic bread was unspectacular. However the combination of all 3 (ie if you place a piece of duck on the bread and dunked it in peppered soup) seemed tasty.

The Mexican chicken was served with my choices of sides: chicken nuggets and steamed veggies. My order was for BBQ sauce - however the chicken chop came slathered in black pepper sauce, which became increasingly overpowering as I chomped my way through. Chicken was cooked well and was tender enough, although I longed for the slight crispiness to the skin.

Bear had the striploin (I did that painting before I started eating) and he thought it was quite good although the meat was a bit tougher at the sides. He also reckoned there was something not quite 'right' about it - which we reasoned was probably the quality of the cut and the marinade. Came with sides of onion rings (blah) and steam veggies. However ths was still very good value for money.

This place is not to-die-for, but certainly worth checking out if you are in the area.

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