Saturday, March 26, 2011

Victor's Kitchen, Sunshine Plaza

Disappointed by our previous attempt, we decided to make a return trip to sunshine plaza for the legendary Victor's Kitchen. The place was open at 1030 and lo-and-behold the crowd and the massive queue of not less than 1,000 people (not in photo) when we arrived around 1130 for brunch.

After waiting for almost 20 minutes, we finally got a seat and ordered from a sheet of paper. First to come was the prawn chee cheong fun (fun fun fun). The prawns were a lil crunchy denoting its (likely) freshness, flour was soft and fluffy, sauce was just the right mix of sweet and saltiness - most likely sesame oil for added flavour - and there was generous portions of green vegetables inside. Very yummy, and an awesome precursor to what was in store!

The rest of the dim sum all came at once (and while this was a blessing for our hungry tummehs, this meant some would get a bit cold) and we had a little difficulty arranging all 7 trays on our tiny table. Nevertheless, we tucked into...

Golden lava buns! This. was. amazing. This is probably the best we've had thus far. The flowy custard was the right consistency - not too liquidy that it all spilled forth, but not too pasty that it just stayed within the bun. Very tasty - all 3 buns were wolfed down immediately.

The custard was oh-so very sweet and salty at the same time, you could taste the very pure decadence of egg yolk and the remnant yolk bits in the custard as it runs through your mouth. Wish there was more custard (so that it actually flows, you know, like lava) but it's probably asking too much for this price! ($4.50 for 3).

We declared we would go back just to order about 10 of these and gorge ourselves silly. Om nom nom.

I thought the stellar dish was this very unique steamed carrot cake with XO sauce. This took me by surprise, as I was expecting the usual fried version. On first glance this looked nothing like carrot cake (looked more like congee), and so were pleasantly treated to soft fluffiness with the full flavour of good old carrot cake (we try to tell ourselves this is healthier too). The XO sauce went really well with each scrumptious bite.

Bear had the chicken feet. I stole a piece of tau kee and noted the spicy twang of the sauce. He polished these off.

One of the best feet I've had, cooked till very soft and the skin falls off the bone very easily. The sauce was deep in black bean flavour and surprisingly gets spicier the more you eat it - fantastic.

It was around this time when our digital camera waved a white flag and started giving up from the copious amounts of heavenly steam being emitted by the dim sum. It fogged up the lens and the focus ability went a little screwy.

Chive dumplings were great! I'm usually not a big fan of chives, but gobbled these down quite happily. Dumplings were packed with generous amounts of chives, and the flour skin was thin and chewy (didn't get too starchy even when slightly cold).

Siew mai was a bit dry by the time we got around to this tray. Not sure if it was just me but these looked a bit smaller than average - maybe it shrunk somewhat? Still good though!

Har gau came with nice and big-ish juicy prawns that were slightly crunchy to the bite. The flour skin was also thin and soft. Thumbs up for skin-to-filling ratio!

The (literally) yummy chicken roll was the special of the day - not sure if these are 'special everyday'. We ordered this after seeing everyone around us munching on this monstrosity and were too curious to find out how good it was. As a result it came piping hot while the other items were almost finished.

Chicken, crab stick, fish maw and baby corn were all wrapped in beancurd skin and steamed. Everything went so well with each other, so powerfully flavoured and big it was almost a meal in its own. Must try!!!

For 8 items with drinks, we paid $32 for two. To be honest it was enough food for 3 (or 6 girls), so it was not expensive at all. Portions were big and quality was high for the amount of price paid - definitely worth multiple revisits!

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