Monday, March 21, 2011

Barcook Bakery, OUB Centre

After a sumptuous healthy lunch, I headed to pack buns from the legendary Barcook Bakery at OUB Centre. Apparently it's a rather new branch, and one of best places to open it too - this place is absolutely THRONGED with queues throughout the day, with lunchtime reaching it's peak length. You know it's good when investment bankers and important city centre people are willing to take 5-10 minutes out of their lunch breaks to queue for a bun - this place is that good.

This place is most well known for their raisin cream cheese buns, with bread so fluffy it demands this :-

-: to be played everytime you bite into it. It's so fluffy it's bordering on sponge cake, but yet still juicy and bursting with generous sweet cream cheese. Best taken when piping hot, and the bakery knows how popular it is and so always has tons of hot ones in line. Only $1.30, what the heck.

They also lots of interesting other buns in stock, I overheard the people behind me raving on about the nacho potato mash bun. This unsuspecting little round bun houses a dual chamber of nacho cheese dip with potato mash, which fuse together in symphonic harmony upon biting - yum. Only $1.40.

The cucumber satay chicken didn't house any surprises - cucumber bits over a cheese glaze with satay sauce chicken inside - it's like multiple satay sticks jammed into one bun, very generous with the chicken, really good, only $1.40.

All buns must be tried!

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