Monday, March 14, 2011

Joe and Dough, Chevron House

It was the bear's day off, and so he braved the CBD crowd to have lunch with me. If you work at Raffles Place you'd attest to the madness during lunchtime. Fortunately one Monday we managed to do a quick sit-down meal at Joe and Dough on the second floor of Chevron House (next to The Sandwich Shop).

Sandwiches are prepared and displayed at the counter, where you go to point at what you fancy eating. We actually wanted to take photos, but were waved off by this guy who stated "privacy reasons" (whatever that meant).

We both shared a cajun chicken and tuna with dill and capers.

The cajun chicken in Fougasse (?) bread was good - the meat was strangely jelly-like in texture, yet firm and tender. This sandwich was probably more value for moneh than the tuna one.

Fougasse is supposed to be brown according to good ole reliable Wikipedia, I'm not sure what country this white bread comes from but it's definitely not France! Tastes more like the kopitiam white bread they use in kaya toast. Maybe it's Fauxgasse, hahahhaha! Haha .. ha.

The tuna with dill and capers in multigrain was okay, but not spectacular. Can't really go wrong with tuna, and it was slightly boring. I personally feel that capers go better with smoked salmon! Granted this is the CBD, but I still wouldn't pay $7.50 for this.

Joe and Dough also serves cups of 'Joe' but we did not try any of the coffees.

Wouldn't return, but would check out the Sandwich Shop for other overpriced sandwiches next time :)

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