Monday, March 21, 2011

Parklane Fried Wonton Mee, Sunshine Plaza

One Monday evening we traipsed into Sunshine Plaza near Dhoby Ghaut, determined to have dim sum at Victor's Kitchen - only to find out that it was closed (! HGW did not say so!). Disappointed, we took seats at this wanton mee shop nearby.

Parklane occupies two lots opposite each other. We managed to grab a table by the corridor. Orders are taken at the table and food/drinks come served quite quickly too.

I had the signature crispy fried wonton on noodles, served with char siew and bit of veg. This also includes a small bowl of wanton in soup. The noodles were pretty good - just the right 'hardness' and chewiness. The fried wontons are crispy and not too oily, which I thought gave a good balance to offset the overall sogginess of the saucy noodles and soupy wontons. The char siew was quite good as well, but I had hoped for more greens (maybe they do it on request).

Bear had the pork chop instead. The illustration on the menu depicted (and indeed in our photo above) two huge servings of pork pieces, so when his plate arrived in reality we felt a bit cheated because the pork chops are actually quite thinly sliced. The pork-to-noodle ratio was therefore a bit off. Nonetheless, the 'slices' were tasty and tender.

Overall, quite a nice simple dining experience. However we felt that items are a bit pricey, and surely you could find similar-tasting (or even tastier!) renditions for slightly cheaper at food markets.

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