Monday, March 21, 2011

Salad Stop, UOB Centre

Was my third monday off in a row and as usual went down to CBD to have lunch with Bunny at our new favourite foliage place, Salad Stop. While I usually dislike any form of chain eatery, Salad Stop's portions are always generous and the standard is consistent (then again you can't really go wrong with salads).

After having my first wrap a few weeks ago, I fell in love with it sooooo much more than the salad version. While portions of greens are slightly less (as obviously, more greens will fit in a bowl than in a wrap), the sensation of biting into a Chipotlé burrito-sized wrap packed with all manners of greens and meats and sauce is out of this world.

For just $9.50 for a salad or $9 for a wrap, you can create your own from about 20 kinds of ingredients - mostly vegetables, cheese, pasta, nuts - and there's no limit to the number of ingredients you can have. The only limit of course is that it fits in a bowl or is wrap-packable. I had mine with generous servings of greens, edamame, mushrooms, olives, cheese, couscous, peppers, onions, tomatoes, sunflower seeds and smoked salmon (extra $3), topped with (among a list of over 10 sauces) wasabi honey soy. Absolutely bursting with flavour, ultra healthy, and surprisingly filling to boot.

I managed to nick the last spinach wrap for mine, and I always seem to get the same fillings (mixed lettuce, mushroom, beetroot, beans) but decided to add corn and grapes (?) this time. When asked what dressing I wanted, I blurted out 'Thai lemongrass' from reading the menu, without realizing the strangeness of the ingredient combination.

Still tasted pretty damn good though!

You can pay a little bit more to get 'premium' leaves and fillings, like rocket and roast beef. There are also signature salad and wraps on the menu, with a very interesting Chilli Crab one that we've yet to try.

This place gets crazy-crowded during lunch hours, but the 2 counters and army of servers behind the bar seem to accommodate this okay. Not the cheapest, but definitely one of the healthiest and yummiest lunch joints at Raffles Place!

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