Monday, March 14, 2011

Tom's Palette, Shaw Towers

Our favourite ice cream place Tom's Palette had just undergone a major renovation and is now more than twice the size! Now there's proper seating space, and proper kitchen, and can display 50% more ice cream :)

This place is one of those hidden secrets of Singapore, that once you find out begets repeat visits - their ice cream is completely home made from the freshest ingredients, no stabilizers, low in sugar (where possible) and boasts amazing flavours like the salted egg ice cream (tastes almost exactly like custard bun (流沙包)) and melt & sizzle (ice cream with pop rocks in them!). Delicious~~~!!! And so good for cooling post tom yum trauma.

Bunny had the pear and brandied dates (as you would imagine, alcohol soaked dates and pear sorbet - no milk!) and chocolate stout (generous dark chocolate with stout beer - very bitter and very awesome).

Amongst their other classic ice cream flavours are :-

Chocolate Sorbet - dark chocolate with no milk, very very thick and very good
Rum & Raisin - generous portions of (real) rum that has potential to cause to tipsiness
Granny's Favourite - one of my personal favourites, ice cream with malt and cookie dough!
Salted Caramel - they do it better than many other places, perfect balance between saltiness and sweetness
Black Sesame - rivals the best I've had in Japan
Salty Yuzu - made from real Yuzu imported from Japan!
Ed's Tea - ice cream made from real teh tarik!

And many many more, all of which are some of the best unique renditions of ice cream ever. Check them out here!

This place also offers milk shakes and ice cream making classes, and has a 73 votes / 93% recommended on HGW - go Cronos!

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