Monday, March 14, 2011

Ah Loy Thai #2, Shaw Towers

Probably the only reason we head to the Bugis area is to visit Shaw Towers, which houses two of our favourite food places. First up: Ah Loy Thai! This establishment used to be a hole in the wall, but as we discovered this time around the seating area has expanded parallel to Tom's Palette's expansion (? ok not the best of words, but hope you understand).

We decided on a few simple dishes that we have always wanted to try - Pandan Chicken and Phat Thigh Phad Thai. The Pandan Chicken came first so we were pleasantly surprised by this crispy sweet goodness. Four chunks of chicken were nicely wrapped in pandan leaves, and fried till tender and charred. The chicken meat fell apart so easily, and it was crispy and juicy and oh-so-sweet.

We both agreed that the charred bits are one of the simplest and worst pleasures on earth and proceeded to fight over who consumes more carbon. So good!

Who can do without Tom Yum Goong in a thai restaurant?? This tom yum soup is still one of the best we've had locally, with a spicy kick and mild sweetness, and very very generous portions of seafood and mushrooms.

Finally the Phad Thai came, but somehow under this glistening shining noodles was a slight disappointment. It was too sweet, not salty and spicy enough, and we felt were missing the crunch of the raw beansprouts.

Still, the ingredients used were generous, and we both polished off at least 5-6 prawns each from the phad thai and the tom yum soup, and nothing a little chilli powder couldn't fix to bring the twang back to the noodles!

If you observe from the above photo, beyond the chairs lied our next stop - dessert! Off for some yummeh homemade ice cream to quell our fiery stomachs. More in our next post :D

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  1. i wonder what time they close, last attempt was on a Friday evening, around 7 or 8pm,but the owner auntie says they are not receiving customers.. the other time it was close on a weekday evening...haiz..when can I try it?

  2. definitely call and reserve a seat, they hold it for about 5-10 minutes tops but it's worth it! and try to avoid Friday evening :) they close around 8pm


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