Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Aglio Olio, China Square

Bunny had a $10 discount voucher to this place which apparently serves pretty good Singapore styled Aglio Olio. And one of the best things is that being China Square, this place is almost always near empty :D

Bunny had the Caesar salad since she wasn't too keen on pasta (and wasn't very hungreh for one) - it was pretty normal, just like any other caesar salad without chicken. We asked for dressing on the side but either they just couldn't help mixing the dressing in, or they didn't have bowls to put the dressing in, the salad came with the dressing in it anyway. The dressing was overly creamy.

I had the pepperoni aglio olio on spicy (they go up to very spicy). The waiter warned that spicy uses chilli padi - god knows what very spicy uses but I wasn't about to find out! Might rival unholy hotwings from Sunset Grill.

Indeed the pasta was really really spicy - bit into them dang chillis several times. The pasta itself though was pretty good, not too oily, not too garlicky, not too salty - it was just nice, but I thought that was it. The pepperoni was good but it was just pepperoni!

A pretty decent pasta place I suppose - they mainly do the titular Aglio Olio pastas, but also do other forms of pastas with a Singaporean twist (like the aforementioned chilli padi). The menu is not extensive - only had one dessert and two salads (both of which were sadly Caesar), and they have other usual mains like fish and chicken. Was ok, not great.

HGW Link : http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/aglio_olio_china_square/

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