Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Riccioti, China Square

Right after dinner at Aglio Olio, we still had room for dessert and so proceeded to Riccioti just a door or two away.

We shared the Soffiato between us - essentially a lava cake with soft warm gooey melty chocolate in the middle, served with a scoop of choco chip ice cream.

This was gorgeous and instantly satisfied our chocolate craving. When you introduce the element of the spoon into the middle of the lava cake, hot molten chocolate spews forth, coating the light fluffy sponge cake with decadant semi-bitter fudge. Combine this warm chocolate with the cold choco chip ice cream - holy shiznit. Good stuff. And see that chocolate sauce sprayed on the plate? It wasn't the same chocolate used in the lava cake - it was even betterrrrrrr. We lamented that they shouldn't have wasted it on the plate, they should have put it in a bowl so we can lick it clean :)~~~

The dessert was great, albeit pricy (was $12 after ++). I'm sure their mains and other desserts are great too, and again there's usually no crowd on a weekday night.

HGW Link : http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/ricciotti_china_square/

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