Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TCC, Suntec City

To be honest, the only reason we went was because I had a 15% discount voucher from Citibank Visa Paywave - though I have eaten at The Connoisseur Concerto (previously known as The Coffee Connoisseur, which made sense. Now it doesn't) once before and had found their sandwiches awesome.

Bunny ordered the Smoked Salmon Avo-Bayon (~$13) - the portion was average, not too small, could be bigger (moar bread would have been good) - but good lord this was yummy. Quite a generous lump of smoked salmon with avocado guacomole and sabayon with orange. The creaminess of the avocado goes really well with the soft layers of smoked salmon. Came with a lil side of veggies and gerkins.

The Crisp-club sandwich (~$13) was a triple decked sandwich! Basically combining all goodness of breakfast into a sandwich, you get eggs, cheese, bacon, lettuce and a hunka chicken patty with 3 slices of toast, this massive beast again needed to be devoured via fork and knife. This too came with (small bit of) veggies, gerkins and pickled pearl onions, very appetizing before diving into the sandwich. This was good value for money, would order again!

We also ordered a latte, given this was a coffee house after all. Made with skimmed milk, the waiter was attentive enough to have the coffee served after our mains (it's the little things that matter!). Latte was smooth and nice and foamy on top. It also came with 2 tiny gingernut cookies (quite thoughtful as well, as we had this to share).

And how could we resist this Devil's chocolate cake beckoning to us from the glass counter?! This was surprisingly good - wasn't too terribly sweet, just the way we like our chocolate desserts! The bottom half was more brownie-like, the top half almost ice-cream cake-like, with a thin layer of dark chocolate ganache on top and a raspberry and half a chewy macaroon, sweet lord. Each layer was kinda different in texture and taste which adds to the enjoyability (?!) of devouring this cake. Was a really nice end to the meal and the 15% discount helped too :)

I've always had reservations about eating main courses at a coffeehouse, as they are usually very subpar and overpriced. Most places can't even do cakes well, so this was quite a surprise!

HGW Link (Bugis branch) : http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/tcc_the_coffee_connoisseur_bugis_junction_main_boutique/

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