Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gianni's Trattoria, JB

Had a day trip in JB and decided to go to this italian place along Jalan Serampang. Not sure hw well known this place was supposed to be, but given the myriad of food choices available in JB this place was pretty empty on a Saturday afternoon.

After ordering our main courses they served us with herby Focaccia with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dip. Bread was fresh and herby, fragrant with lotsa rosemary, with the oily vinegary dip really bringing out the flavours of the bread. Mmmm.

They were pretty generous with the bread, but we were wary not to stuff ourselves with too much bread before the main courses even arrived!

We shared a pumpkin soup to start - lightly drizzled with what might be truffle oil, with a dollop of what might be cream cheese or sour cream in the middle. Was pretty good but it was a little too watery and less pumpkin-y for my liking - I still prefer them thick and creamy.

I had the farfalle with salmon chunks and capers, serving was pretty massive for the price (~RM30). Copious amounts of cream sauce over the farfalle with such generous portions of cooked salmon and capers - wonderfully creamy but I felt it got a little overbearing and cloying near the end. The plate was pretty misleading as well - while many restaurants uses plates that seems big but are actually shallow, this restaurant uses plates that seems small but are actually really deep - there's a big crevice down the centre of the plate that hides at least another 25% more pasta than is visible!

Bunny had the fusilli with basil pesto, which was [quote] yummeh!!111!11!11!!! [unquote]. Again, extremely copious amounts of basil with olive oil blended together into amazing pesto, huge portion, and was so affordable (~RM20). Was lacking in meat but I had too much salmon anyway.

Was a pretty good italian place and I heard the place gets packed more on weekdays than on weekends.

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