Monday, April 11, 2011

Azmi Restaurant, Norris Road

We had passed by this little stall a couple of times along Serangoon Road before venturing in on a Monday night. Azmi (whoever he is) serves excellent and cheap chappati. This stall has been around for almost 60 years!

Orders are placed at the stall front:

Between the two of us, we shared a plate of nicely spiced cabbage:

The awesome mutton kheema! (almost everyone else was exclusively eating the chappati and kheema - highly recommended). It wasn't too spicy, but the (quite generous portion of) meat was soft and flavourful.

Chickpeas! A must-order for us, and this did not disappoint.

We also had ginger tea to go along, but was made out of those instant-ginger-granule-mixes which doesn't give that natural punch and oomph. Still, wasn't tooooo bad. Though the drink stall is not run by Azmi, it's no fault of theirs!

For a cheap, fast, no-frills chapatti, this is THE place to go.

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