Friday, August 19, 2011

Brussels Sprouts, Robertson Quay

It was decided without question that we were to end our week with beer. Away to Robertson Quay we went!

I've been meaning to come back to Brussels Sprouts, having had fond memories of Belgian beer, hearty pots of mussels and bottomless servings of fries. Without prior reservation at 7pm on Friday, we were told there'd be a 10-15 minute wait - which was just as well for a pre-dinner stroll ( or a pre-dinner shnack).

Settled for some good ole, happy-hour-priced Leffe (Blonde for , Brune for , confuddling waiters not for the first time, lol).

We were very tempted by the mains on the menu, but stuck to shellfish and endless fries instead.

{ Vin Blanc (Starter size $18.50) }
White wine, butter, celery, onion, parsley

The Vin Blanc broth was a bit bland at first few sips, but the flavour gradually presented itself as we plucked through the smaller-than-I-remember mussel flesh. The sweetness of white wine and onion particularly became more pronounced. From memory, the wine was more distinct even at first bite - so I was a tad disappointed. Still, it got better towards the end, and we both lapped up all the broth.

Picked out a mussel and first impression - the mussel a bit small lehhhh. Oh well, maybe they've been overfishing, or maybe that's the usual size and I've been previously spoilt by radioactive oversized mussels. The white flavour in the broth wasn't too pronounced, and after a few slurps and mussels I was wondering if it was a personal dislike. But I must say, after a few more slurps and realizing the broth brought out the mussel's natural flavour, it got more and more addictive until it left me wanting moarrr.

{ A L'Escargot (Starter size $18.50) }
Gratinated with breadcrumbs, butter, garlic, lemon juice, parsley

The cheesified rendition of the mussels were pretty good too. This in particular I preferred slightly, as it had generous lashings of butter and garlic and therefore more oomph. It sits atop a small bed of salad as well, surely not a bad thing for an attempt at a balanced meal!

Breadcrumbs, butter and cheese go well with ANYTHING, but boy was I hoping that this hot, or at least warm, as opposed to being served at less-than-room temperature. Still good, but without it being hot, the oiliness of the butter and cheese was more pronounced and left it tasting slightly jelat >.< but oh so good.

The highlight for me was beer and the fries. Oh man the fries - in the second picture, you can see my fingers claiming ownership to the little bucket of the good stuff. Chunky cut, hot off the fryer and soft on the inside, they are excellent with mustard - and the butter-garlic mixture from the gratinated mussels!

Definite highlight for me was the fries as well - chunky crispy soft and uber delicious with mustard, but the mussels are a great experience for one who has never had something similar before.

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