Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Roma's Deli, Shaw Towers

Traipsed down to Creations cafe at Shaw Towers but that dang place was closed! Decided to try this strange place instead.

Roma's Deli, an all vegetarian cafe thingy (no onions and garlic too), offering set meals - pastas, soups, sandwiches - cooked with mock meat and stuff. Figured it would be greatly appeal to all the wanna-be healthy people working offices nearby, but does it taste good? Hmm ...

At $10.50 or $11.80 (depending on beverage selection) you get a soup, a main and a drink - pretty nifty huh?

{ Cream of mushroom (Set meal $10.50) }

Read some good reviews about the cream of mushroom, but honestly ... it tastes rather Campbell-derived. There's a very distinct taste of "normal" cream of mushroom, nothing quite fantastic about this to be honest! Portion was quite big though, and it comes with 2 buttered toasted bread (of the Gardenia variety probably).

{ BBQ Chicken Spaghetti (Set meal $10.50) }

I had the BBQ Chicken Spaghetti. Replacing the chicken was the chicken mock meat - spaghetti was in a watery tomato base sauce with some lettuce, mushrooms and tomatoes. And wow. Seriously, seriously, strange. The floury tofu-ey flavour distinct to chinese mock meats is very strong - the entire plate of spaghetti tastes completely like mock meat. While not exactly offputting, it's not something I would associate with being "tasty"

Sauce was overly watery, spaghetti non-al dente, the taste of the pasta in general was rather bland and meh. And i wonder what happened to the BBQ?

{ Sambal Prawn Spaghetti (Set meal $10.50) }

Now this very soggy mess on a plate is 'sambal prawn' spaghetti. The 'prawns' weren't as artificial-tasting as the 'chicken', but was still quite unnatural. And it wasn't exactly 'sambal' by any definition - it was just (too much) spicy red sauce. The few strands of shredded lettuce failed to provide any redemption - if indeed it was there for that reason.

Wouldn't say this was entirely inedible.. I suppose the absence of garlic and onions (and real meat!) renders any attempt of Italian food completely futile. Not sure why this place seems so popular, but I'd take my buck(s) somewhere else.

Being hungry I finished my pasta nonetheless, but felt really bad for myself afterwards. Definitely would not recommend their pastas unless you're vegetarian and starving nearby.

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