Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tomato's, UOB Center

 A new pizza place popped up recently at UOB Center at Raffles Place - looks promising from the outside, and at $9.50 for a quarter of a giant pizza, it wasn't that expensive too!

 Situated alongside Barcook Bakery and Fun Toast, the shiny white interior and display of huge-ass pizzas will stop you in your lunch-tracks if you're strolling slowly along (it is often inevitable you are walking slowly - the weekday lunch crowd jams that space, lol).

 Yes a quarter of that giant pizza can be yours for just $9.50 - pretty good deal! They offer quite a few of the usual varieties but of course only those on display are available.

 It's the equivalent of 2 regular-sized slices of pizza, so it's not that expensive (I'm kinda comparing with price of Sarpinos by the slice, which is about $4.50-$5.00 per).

 As we were there for a late dinner, there were not many options left - we had the buffalo cheese and rocket, and the meat lover's pizza which had different types of ham and salami. Slices were big, and while the crust was soft and the pizza foldable, the crust wasn't that thin which was quite unfortunate. Taste wise they were both just ok, besides the cheese there wasn't enough toppings for a pronounced flavour. 

 It was good, but a bit lacklustre in taste by itself. Of course you can liberally douse it in tabasco sauce (which we did), but a great pizza shouldn't make you reach for that bottle. Overall it was okay, but I wished there was more distinction between the different pizzas flavours. And the crust could be a tad less doughy.

{ Buffalo Cheese and Meat Lover's Pizza (Quarter Slice @ $9.50) }

 I guess the main difference that every single "new york" style pizza place in Singapore falls short is in the amount of toppings they give. You will never find pizza in Singapore that gives you the same topping generosity in New York - so I guess don't expect too much!

 I appreciated a few things: 1) pizza of your choice is reheated when you order, so you're not getting cold soggy limp dough, 2) pizzas are not oily and therefore you don't end up with a ball of napkins after your meal and 3) waitstaff are friendly and chatty (and actually interactive, not just reciting scripts).

 If you stay till 730pm or 8pm, whatever's left goes on discount, so you can have a quarter pizza for as low as $6! So you're working late or just nearby, no harm stopping by for a cheap decent pizza to go.

HGW Link (Great World City branch, 100% recommended at time of writing) : http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/Tomato_s/
Main website : http://www.tomatos.com.sg/
Rating (out of 4) : 

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