Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bong Chu Jjimdak (Steamed Chicken), Seoul Korea

 Apparently one of the more popular Jjimdak places in Seoul, Bong Chu Jjimdak is located in Myeongdong, a popular (and expensive!) shopping district in central Seoul. 

 Spicy chilli and soy sauce, chicken, vegetables, cellophane noodles come together in sweet sweet harmony in Jjimdak (찜닭). This veritable cornucopia of ingredients is a full dish by itself, and is actually quite healthy due to high protein lean chicken, vegetables and carbs all in one dish. 

 The real miraculousness is watching two locals wolf down a portion meant for two, AND two bowls of rice. A portion of two feeds three Singaporeans, with leftovers.

The cellophane noodles are really great - while bland by itself, eat it with copious amounts of the sweet sauce - chewy and springy. As its name suggests, like a bastard son of cellophane and kuay tiew, is a lot better than it sounds.

 Wash the whole thing down with some Soju / orange juice shots.

 To be honest, the noodles were pretty alright with me. While tasty, it wouldn't really be a dish that reminds me of Korea. Regardless if you're ever in Myeongdong, you might invariably pass by and if so, give it a shot.

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