Friday, December 9, 2011

Skyve, 10 Windstedt Road (near Newton)

 If you know Table 66, then you know Skyve - which moved there quite recently just after Restaurant Week ended. 10 Windstedt Road is quite a curious location because it's actually an old school and now houses several offices and restaurants. With a name change and a guarantee that the chefs are the same, we made a booking for a Friday night.

At the time of visit, Skyve had just opened for a few weeks, and I was lucky to have placed my booking 5 days in advance cos the place was fully booked that night!

 Really nice classy exterior!

I've never been to Table 66 before (been wanting to until they moved) but Skyve had this theme of likefine dining-esque, relaxing vibe if that makes sense. The menu seems so academically-advanced which might be a play on the cooking technique they are well known for (sous-vide) which is a really difficult technique to master.

 My unfortunate friend was vegetarian that day - we had a knack of meeting up when he's vegetarian and by the time I realize it it's too late. We opted for the caesar salad but had to place the iberico ham seperately on the plate. Plus side was that I'd have the ham all to myself! Salad was ... salad, though I must say the salty ham and the salty caesar dressing and the salty cheese made it overall too salty for me. Would have preferred the regular chicken which is a little plain for that balance.

{ Caesar Salad ($16) }
Chopped romaine lettuce,  garlic crouton, shaved parmesan cheese, semi hardboiled egg encased in parmesan shell, caesar dressing with iberico ham (or smoked salmon)

 Being vegetarian he opted for the Char Grilled Burger which offers a Beet or Beef patty which I thought was pretty smart. The patty itself was made of soy / tofu and from the colour is remarkably red with beets. I took just one bite and while the texture was great I didn't quite taste the beets. Fries were great though!

{ Char Grilled Burger - Beet version ($30) }
Beet patty, melted aged cheddar cheese, lettuce, gherkins and sliced tomatoes
served with truffle frites

 For those who didn't know, Table 66 was well known for their sous-vide dishes. Sous vide is a technique that is rather difficult to master, due to the accuracy and constancy of temperature needed, possible use of specialized cooking equipment and in certain cases understanding cooking from a scientific perspective. They sous-vide almost everything even Eggs Benedict!

The most commonly served sous-vide dish you can find in many places would be the duck confit, which through the magic of sous-vide attains the outer crispiness and aroma similar to deep frying, while keeping the meat under the skin ultra-moist and flavourful. And I have to say, this is my favourite version now (maybe I'm just fickle). Crispy skin, meat so rich and soft, and don't think that rosemary sprig is garnish - whether intentional or not it goes really fantastically with the duck.

{ Confit of Duck Leg ($34) }
Sous vide crispy duck leg, maple caramelized seasonal root vegetables,
sweet tamarind sauce

 They do happy hour until 8pm you can get beers on tap cheap and house pours are 1-for-1 (but no sharing ...) The atmosphere was really great and while the food was a little pricey I do think it was well worth it. I think they didn't quite float my boat was the buns they serve was realllyyy good (with onions inside!) but extra buns are a dollar each! But I will no doubt be back to try other sous-vide delights and their lamb shank!

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