Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ardent's Cafe Bar, Neil Road

 On our way to celebrate both our birthdays with a night's stay at nearby Wangz Hotel, I surprised   by bringing her to Ardent's Cafe Bar (with a voucher of $15 for $30 value) along Neil Road for all day brunch, a short walk away from Outram. The rain was but a slight annoyance!

 (I was a bit more confuzzled than surprised ;)) 

 Located along a row of old shophouses, the exterior would have been a nice spot to sip coffee and have brunch, but unfortunately due to the rain we had to settle for an indoor seat next to the fireplace.


 Rosti was magnificent! To be honest the only rosti I've had was at Marché, and this was a world of a difference - crispy crunchy and sweet instead of the often soggy mess that is Marché's version. And at only $5.80 for the rosti itself, it's a ginormous portion.

 I ordered the rosti + sausage, thinking the rosti would be smaller in relation to the sausage, so was pleasantly amazed by the sizeable hunk of rosti that was plopped in front of me. Really good stuff! The accompanying sour cream makes the whole dish really moreish, but I could only finish about 65% of this D: the sausage for me did nothing much in adding value to this, but I guess you do need protein for a balanced meal :o)

{ Plain Rosti with Sour Cream ($5.80) }
Adds like Chicken Sausage @ $2, some for $3.50 or smoked salmon for $6.50

 Eggs Benedict was great as well - smooth Hollandaise with eggs poached just right, over ham and half a muffin lightly toasted. Should have ordered the Eggs Blackstone cos I did want bacon instead!

{ Eggs Benedict ($13.80) }
Two eggs poached on a toasted English muffin with honey baked ham and Hollandaise sauce

 The coffees we ordered were good too, quite strong and flavourful - just the kind of caffeine nudge we needed. Overall it was a good brunch experience, although service could be improved somewhat (our reservation was overlooked, but seats were available anyway).

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