Friday, December 30, 2011

Sornthong Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand

 One of the more popular Thai chinese restaurants in Bangkok, Sornthong was filled to the brim with people on this Friday night. We made a reservation but we were late so ended up waiting for about 20 minutes before a table was ready. No matter!

 The building itself was really really old and both floors were just packed with people.

 We started off with some satay - never did quite imagine satay was common in Thailand but apparently it is, and instead of the Singapore / Malaysian type with fat chunks in between, this was solid meat!

{ Chicken Satay }
 A whole platter of tiny steamed prawns! Fresh and small enough for you to eat with the shell even if you don't mind the fact that all the prawns weren't deveined @.@

{ Small Steamed Prawns }
 Oyster omelette was easily the best dish of the night - world of a difference compared to the strange gooey one at Baan Itsara, it was a little gooey as well but just enough to be nice and not cloying. Generous with the bean sprouts and slightly crispy.

{ Oyster Omelette }
 Ordered the crab claw but got the prawn - curses! Despite being seriously over-prawned in this Thailand trip (not exactly a bad thing) we thought this to be much better than the Baan Itsara rendition as well. Which could only mean morreeeeee fat!

{ Prawns with Vermicelli }
 No surprise now that this a staple at Thai restaurants, lol :)

{ Deep fried SnowFISHH!!!! }
 We opted for the clear Tom Yum Goong with no spice (!) and it came with dry chilli and cut chilli padi by the side. Mix and match to your own level of spiciness! Honestly I thought this worked out better for everyone so that people who can't take spice can still enjoy a slight tinge of piquance, whereas people like me who love torture can put enough chilli to obtain chilli high :)

{ Tom Yum Goong }
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