Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Taling Pling, Bangkok, Thailand

 First stop in our short new year's trip to Bangkok was at Taling Pling for lunch! While small and seemingly hidden in an alleyway, it seemed really popular with locals and foreigners, and a quick search on Google later ...

Tripadvisor : #61 out of 1,016 restaurants in Bangkok
Lonely planet : #11 of 720 things to do in Bangkok
                             #25 of 2,596 things to do in Thailand

Must say, pretty impressive stats! It's also been featured on the Tatler website, NY times website, and a legit sounding

Itching for Thai food - on with it!

's mom suggested we start with a popular local appetizer which to be honest I've never seen, heard or tasted before in Singapore. A search later back home revealed it to be Mieng Kham - chaplu leaves or raw Kai Lan with ginger, garlic, onion, chilli padi, lime, and the awesome peanut and dried shrimp mix in the middle. Throw 'em all onto a leaf, wrap, and consume. Yummy and refreshing with sweet, salty, sour and piquance all rolled in oneand relatively healthy too!

{ Mieng Kham }
 We had our usual Thai food favourites - Tom Yum Goong is a must of course! I'm always impressed by how each the Tom Yum Goong in most restaurants in Bangkok all taste different but are all awesome in their own way.

{ Tom Yum Goong }

{ Thai Fish Otah }
 As I would soon come to realize, I was extremely well acquainted with this dish by the time my trip was over. Have to say moderation is in the best order when it comes to this popular Thai dish, especially if you devour the head like I do. Fishing (..heh) through the head without getting impaled by a sharp bone is a true art form!

{ Deep Fried Snowfish with Fish Sauce }

{ Thai Green Curry Chicken }

 We had other crowd favourites such as papaya salad (REALLY SPICY), olive rice, and pandan chicken (which was awesome as well). Suffice to say that every place we visited in our Thailand trip has been properly 'audited' for quality so of course, food here was an awesome start!

Address : 60 Pun Road, Silom, Bangkok (off Th Silom) - check here for more transport details

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