Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nectar, Outram Road (Wangz Hotel)

 As part of our staycation at Wangz Hotel, we decided to have dinner at the in-house restaurant, Nectar. It is quite a small place, with probably 20 tables at most. We were the only patrons for that Sunday night.

 The hotel exterior just so happens to look like a beehive!

 There was a UOB card promotion for a 5 course festive dinner set, but we were more enticed by the ala carte menu (which we had 20% off for being staying guests).

{ Spiny Lobster and Ink Pasta ($24) }
Sautéed lobster, prime asparagus and flambé of Cognac squid ink spaghetti in tomato cream sauce

 After much deliberation, I settled for the lobster pasta. I was a bit hesitant about tomato cream sauce as I'm not a fan of heavy bases. This was unexpectedly good! The creaminess was not overwhelming, and you still do get the freshness of the tomato flavour. It goes really well with the lovely hints of seafood both in the squid ink spaghetti itself and from the very generous chunks of lobster (crayfish). The bits of asparagus lends texture (and fibre) to this wonderful dish. I really enjoyed this and would order it again - for $24 this is actually pretty value for money.

 I had a bite out of this and it was REALLY GOOD. Really flavourful but not till jelat, the nice smoothy al dente squid ink pasta and the sauce go in hand and hand. And the crayfish - I like how they left it in nice crunchy portions!

{ Grilled Succulent Baby Lamb ($40) }
Marinated prime lamb rack grilled to your liking served with wilted spinach and pine nuts, spinach dumplings, roasted tubers and Tawny port wine reduction

 Holy crap. While feeling absolutely terrible for feasting on baby lamb (which by definition are milk-fed lamb between six and eight weeks old), the medium rare racks were soooooo completely tender, juicy and just enough gaminess to my liking. No kidding, the lamb quite literally melted in my mouth, and full of natural flavour. Definitely one of the best lamb dishes I've ever had.

{ "Bubble" Grand Cru Chocolate Sphere ($15) }
With banana poelée, chocolate ice cream and fresh berries

 Hands down the most interesting dessert I've had! I was very amazed by the liberal sprinkling of gold dust (a pertinent question was posed to   : "Are we going to poop gold?"). [ Update : we did not poop gold.] Next I was intrigued by the chocolate globe perched in the middle of the plate. It is actually a kind of shell, hollow in the middle. How we were meant to consume this was beyond us, but then a waiter arrived with a pot of melted chocolate ...

 ... and proceeded to pour it all over the chocolate sphere (!) The warm chocolate sauce was meant to melt the chocolate sphere thing but apparently this didn't quite happen. ( followed swiftly by an apologetic "the chocolate not hot enough ah") We still had to use a tiny bit of force to break the shell open. Still, what was interesting to watch was the gold dust separating as a layer by itself.

 While the dessert was quite a sight to behold, the chocolate parts didn't taste that spectacular - but it was still quite something to be eating gold, I suppose!

 Within the shell held banana poelee (fried banana), ice cream and berries. Taste wise nothing too spectacular besides being sweet and refreshing, but plus points for presentation!

 It would be nice to see more people (non hotel guests) coming to this place. The location isn't too off, and the menu offers quite good selections. It was a good dinner for us - and we also had good post-dinner drinks at the rooftop bar, so it was a nice Sunday evening overall.

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