Friday, May 25, 2012

Let's Toss, Tiong Bahru Plaza

 While not your regular choice for dinner, this interesting spot for Szechaun "salad" - cold appetizers eaten with man tou is located at Tiong Bahru just near McDonald's. Honestly the only other time I've had something similar was in NTU Can B, which I thought tasted, well, I wouldn't say it tasted good.

If tripe, pig's ears, intestines, and chillied kelp is right up your alley (like me), then you'd love the selection here. If it's not - fear not,   also could not quite muster the appetite when greeted with 12 trays varying between black, orange and red.

They do sets of either 300g of vegies, or 200g of vegies and 50g of meat - both at $6.80 with a bottled drink and man tou if I was not mistaken! And they quite literally weigh it on a weighing scale. Woe to be, I totally missed a side area with the tripe and pig's ears (which I love), so I ended up getting a nice tossed-mix of glass noodles, tou fu skin, kelp, black fungus and nice serving of chopped intestines.

Bad thing however, was the lack of seating space. Most (if not all) people are actually mainland Chinese who pack them home - no surprise there. We convened at the food court upstairs where   can get some regular, normal looking food.

Everything tasted unsurprisingly similar regardless of what you order. Everything contains that distinct Szechuan peppercorn - a dry, stark piquance - which I do enjoy with the plain bun, which was really quite plain. Have to say, however, the taste overall was actually pretty enjoyable, the spicy salty mix really does just eat like a salad. So pack it home, or convene at the food court, and try some pig's ears today!

Let's Toss! 拌吧!
Tiong Bahru Plaza
#01-02 (just out the MRT)

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