Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Smoke Shack, Republic Plaza

 Working a shift in the Raffles Place area, I was finally able to check out Smoke Shack, one of the few few places we could find online that serves New York style Pastrami sandwiches - rather unfortunate that it closes near 7 everyday which means dinner is almost a no-no unless you work nearby.

 They do hot and cold sandwiches and sets each - "hot" set is $15 and "cold" set is $13.50. Both comes with a canned drink or mineral water, and two sides of which you can pick from chunky fries, salad, chips or soup of the day. Around 12:30pm the place was near empty (despite the snaking queue at next-door Subway) but soon filled up near 1pm.

 Non-too-exciting photo is non-too-exciting. Fries weren't bad but wish there was more - the broccoli had a thick starchy / potato-ey texture to it, but wasn't bad by any means either. It was a cold-ass day in the office so I had most of the soup.

{ The New Yorker ($10.50) }
Rye bread, pastrami, cheese, thousand island dressing

 The main event! Well if you were hoping for New York portions you'll be sorely disappointed, but this didn't look tooooo far off (besides scaling it down for Asian consumption). This Reuben variant of the pastrami was not too bad, I mean the ingredients were all "correct" so that's a start. But of course :-

1) Could be hotter so the cheese was more melty.
2) Pastrami was hardly flavourful enough, couldn't really taste the spices/pepper.
3) Rye was nice but the rind was a little hard (but I guess it's typical of rye).

All in all while it was nowhere near the one at Katz Deli (the only one I've tried) but was a valiant attempt at bringing the taste back home. They do quite a few 'famous' international sandwiches like the original Reuben, Montreal-style smoked meat, Chivitos, Grilled Cheese etc ... so definitely take your pick and try one! They're a little bit pricey, but it is Raffles Place!

Smoke Shack
Republic Plaza basement
(near Subway sandwiches)

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