Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hot Tomato, Causeway Point

 Dinner time! At Causeway Point too. Where can we bring our bellies?

 After the fascinating movie which is The Dark Knight Rises, we calmed ourselves down by indulging into some food at Hot Tomato. Lots of Hot Tomato joints has been popping up lately, with it's trademark being the $12.90 Steak 'n' Prawns combo.

 There's usually a queue whenever we pass by during dinner time, so was fairly surprised when there was none. We waited just a minute before being sent to a tiny table in the corner. It's one of those no frills, fast turnover places with what seems to be just mediocre western food.

{ Set (+$3.50) }
Garlic Bread, Soup, Drink
 Bread was just alright, very buttery but at room temperature. Soup like a slightly better version of some Campbell derivative. The drink was the main reason we got the set because anyway they charge for tap water. Granted it's only 20c.

 We got a single set top-up to share between the both of us. Generally palatable - it was more of a tummy filler / thirst quencher (lime juice was good and refreshing!) while we discussed the movie, but we didn't have to wait long at all until our mains arrived.

{ Pacific Dory ($8.90) }
Fresh fillet Dory lightly seasoned and grilled to perfection

 Fish for me tonight. This seemed like a really good deal. For under $9, I got two generous slabs of grilled, herbed dory atop several forkfuls of spaghetti and a decent-sized side salad. It came with some kind of tartar sauce which I didn't really touch. The flavours were quite strong by itself, in fact I think they could lose a bit of salt in this one!

{ Steak 'N' Prawn ($12.90) }
Juicy cut sirloin with succulent prawn, lightly seasoned with salt & pepper

 The 'trademark' steak and prawn combo, is honestly cheap for just $12.90. The aglio olio was just ... ok. Slightly overcooked and not much taste in the ways of oil, garlic or chilli. In fact I could barely call it aglio olio =.= Prawns were definitely NOT succulent - unfresh, powdery, hard and dry. Steak however was not too shabby, it is regular cut of sirloin with the regular steak-y taste you can get at Aston's or even a food court. Portion was generous however.

So yea food wasn't terrible but it wasn't great either. Definitely do NOT get the prawns, but the steak is passable for the price. Service wasn't great.

Hot Tomato (Causeway Point branch)
#02-11 Causeway Point

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