Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hot Kitchen Bar & Bistro, Mistri Road

 We had bought a 1-for-1 pasta voucher for this place, after seeing that they offer naked carbonara (without cream!). Long since the fantastical traditional-carbonara-done-right at Avanti (seems hit and miss in the reviews now, but the carbonara should still be amazing), I've been trying to find a carbonara to match. Unfortunately, most of the Italian places I've been to since, definitely fell short.

 This spot is definitely ... strange. Mistri Road (indeed a mystery) was a tiny road neatly tucked between Anson Centre and M Hotel, near Shenton Way (opposite a big McD). Being a bar with lots of offices nearby, place was abound with people having after-work drinks.

 Very very strangely, while I wouldn't they have plenty of empty tables available, we were escorted to the very end of the outdoor seating area, where I was rather literally, staring down the above alley point into nowhere. Oh well, not did I minded since  was in the way!

{ Naked Carbonara ($16) }
As it should be, without cream

 Moment of truth - carbonara! But ... well it is without cream. In that sense, it was true to its word. But it's not carbonara - in fact nowhere near! Taste was closer to aglio olio with scrambled egg. The taste of garlic was fairly strong, and the egg yolks were mixed in while the pasta was still hot - thus causing scrambled eggs! But in all honesty, I actually still quite loved it. The bacon was generous and taste wise was still pretty packed (though a salty garlicky taste was predominant).

{ Chicken Pesto ($16) }
Roasted chicken slices tossed & cooked off with our signature home made asian basil pesto

 I can never resist pesto - in fact it's my go-to pasta base - so when I saw this I knew I had to try! This is a slightly spicier rendition of the traditional one I'm familiar with. It also uses asian basil which somehow seemed to give a Thai flavour (?) Very interesting! Lots of chicken bits too. For stated price of $16 this is pretty worth it in my books.

This didn't really strike us as a place to have a 'proper' dinner as most patrons seem to be taking advantage of the happy hour. But we were quite surprised by the quality and portion of the pasta that we had and would recommend this if you're nearby.

Hot Kitchen Bar & Bistro
2 Mistri Road

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