Friday, August 31, 2012

Colonial Bistro Cafe, Selegie Road

 After yet another long week, we decided to use one of our coupons - we bought a few as of late! A few were fully booked for a Friday so we decided to go for this place at Selegie (5 minutes from Little India MRT).

I refer to this voucher (thanks google cache!) for the $14.90 nett for 4-course European Deluxe - Greatly Prided For Ultra Luxe Cuisine. I'm not even sure what the last bit meant!

 I am embarrassed to say that we walked by this place without realising it was there -.- 

 Decor was plain and simple (though I think they had a fancy-ish room further inside) but we sat in the outer area facing the TV that was airing the news - sure. We were informed that the voucher was valid for the main courses listed in the voucher, as well as a mesclun salad, cream of mushroom and green tea.

Daymn, the salad and
mushroom advertised
on the coupon website
sure looks good!!!

{ Cream of mushroom and Mesclun Salad? }

 Sadly, what we got was not quite the same. Instead of a wild mushroom soups with herbs, we were given a Campbell's derivative - the thick and doughy mushroom-like soup you might be familiar with. And instead of greens with croutons, poached egg and cheese, we were given a small clump of mesclun salad. Granted, the citrus vinaigrette was actually pretty nice. And a nice glass of Yeo's green tea. Well that's three courses out of four!

{ Colonial Chicken }

 I opted for the $2 top up for the signature Colonial Chicken - half a spring chicken baked in some barbeque, caramel-y sauce. The chicken was not half-bad (.. heh) I have to say, but nothing quite spectacular. Just a little bit juicy, and mildly bland in the centre. The sauce tastes like it should go on pork ribs and not chicken. Small handful of chunky fries (according to the photo - 7 fries!) and a summer vegetables were overcooked.

{ Pan Seared Dory }

 So my pan-seared dory arrived and it wasn't the best-looking plate of fish I've seen. In fact I kind of struggled to take a photo of this because it was plated quite strangely - either they do not have smaller serving plates or there should be something else on this dish but they ran out! Anyway, this was a bit underwhelming. It even looked a bit..tired? lol. Average at best. I wasn't even completely full after this D:

 Besides the presentation disaster, I thought the dory tasted exceedingly mediocre and might even be a little tad fresh (odd aftertaste).

So yes, while $14.90 for a '4-course meal' was probably cheap, food was barely toeing the mediocre line. I'm not sure if you get served the same soup and salad if you ordered them ala carte, but regardless ... no.

Colonial Bistro Cafe
235 Selegie Road

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