Friday, September 7, 2012

Etna Restaurant & Pizzeria, Duxton Road

 Can't quite remember how we decided on Etna but I think our decision-process went something like:

Friday night > need a drink and lots of carbs to comfort ourselves at the end of a hectic work week > mm yes carbs please > pizza to share? > Italian > somewhere near town > Tanjong Pagar > been meaning to try Etna haven't we? > oh hey they have DBS credit card discount > let's go

So to Etna we went.


 I had made a prior reservation through reserveit and would recommend it for an easy-peasy and instant way of getting a table (if, like me, you'd rather use a website than speak to a living being).

 I on the other hand (despite being a technologist) prefer speaking to a living being to make reservations simply because I know such websites can be unreliable, buggy and prone to human synchronization at times. But it worked well this time!

 Bread was served warm and very aromatic with bits of sundried tomato, olives and herbs. It was great by itself, but we dabbed away at the olive oil/balsamic.

 Awesome bread, lightly toasted and crispy.

{ Burrata di Andria con Insalata Rucola e Pomodorini Pachino ($28 + $4 for ham) }
Fresh mozzarella cheese served with rocket salad and Pachino cherry tomatoes
 We saw a tray of this burrata cheese making its way from the kitchen to a table nearby and were so impressed/curious that we called out to a waiter to make sure we got the same :) bit pricey this one - but we were informed that we were getting the freshest batch of air-flown cheese from Italy! The outer mozzarella side was firm, inside was wobbly and milky.. very interesting! The ham was good (nice saltiness), and the tomatoes worthy of praise also (so sweet!).

 Fan-fuckin-tastic, defintiely the best burrata I've had, and in fact we were reassured that this parrticular batch of cheese just arrived that very afternoon! And the pomodorinos were great as well, a sweet, rich taste rather distinct from other cherry tomatoes.

{ Etna ($25) }
Mozzarella cheese, porcini mushrooms, Parma ham, cream cheese, pistachio (from Bronte in Sicily)
 There are a couple of choices for pizzas, but we had to go with the namesake Etna pizza.This was absolutely delicious! I love the crust - it's just the right thinness + doughiness for me. The MUSHROOMS are out of this world.. it puts all other mushrooms to shame really. I question the purported origin of the pistachio but I think it adds a slight albeit interesting depth to the combination of parma ham and cheese.

 My boss did mention that the porcini mushroom pizza was great, and in the back of my head I was thinking ~mushroom pizza?? Where's my double bacon pizza playa?~ But this. THIISSSS. Boy oh boy. The first few bites it was hmm, yea this herb mix with the ham is really good! But when I bite into the mushroom motherload, the earthiness of the supreme-king-juicy porcini with the generous truffle oil (real truffle or no, who cares??) was incredible. At the crust - perfectly thin, crispy yet foldable without breaking.

{ Pistachio and Hazelnut Gelato ($7) }

 At this point, as we were finishing up our glasses of wine and polishing remains of bread, we sheepishly decided on dessert although we were barely managing to breathe :P Chose the gelato instead for something 'non-cake'. These came in smaller-than-usual scoops which was quite disappointing. However flavour-wise, the hazelnut one is really good!

 We would love to try their pastas if we were ever to return, but I don't see how much else in Etna could top the burrata and pizza that we had.

Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
50 Duxton Road

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