Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chock Full Of Beans, Changi VIllage

 How fast Sundays come around! On this particular one we had the car and were heading east anyway, so decided to do brunch to start our day. Chock Full of Beans is quite positively reviewed, and how can anyone not check out a place named like that? Never mind that it's in Changi Village - as we've been told, it only gets ultra dodgy at night, so we were ok in the light of day :)

 Changi Village is one of those places that you just, cannot get to without a car (unless you're willing to take a 40 minute bus ride from Tampines). First time here, ever, and have to say it wasn't what I expected!

 Was already pretty packed by the time we got there. Luckily we got a table without having to wait at all.

{ Flat White & Long Black ($4.50 & $3.50) }

 Our much needed coffee was nice - smooth, aromatic and robust enough. I'd read somewhere that they do really neat latte art, didn't occur to me then to order one.

{ Omelette w/Three Fillings ($12) }
Smoked Salmon / Swiss Cheese / Mushroom (choose from 6 ingredients). Serves with roasted tomatoes & bread slice

 I don't usually order omelette as it's one of those things I tend to shrug off and go 'why, I can make that myself'. However, without a kitchen of my own these days, this statement no longer applies :( also I just wanted good ole fashioned plate of eggs. And this was what I got exactly. No-nonsense, fluffy omelette with the goodness of cheese, salmon and mushroom (my choice of filling). The thick bread it came with was really good too - I have a weakness for the multi-grainy/seedy/wholemeal kind.

{ Eggs Benedict ($12) }
Poached Eggs / Ham / Hollandaise / Homemade Toast / Parsley

 I kinda missed the line where it said homemade toast instead of English muffin, and was millddllyyy disappointed when it came. After a while though - boy that homemade toast was KICK ASS. Rich in flavour and healthy tasting, supremely generous outer layer of roasted sesame seeds was sweeettt!!! Bread lapped up the lovely, perfectly poached eggs pretty well. Hollandaise done right too. All in all a great rendition, and it's in one of the lower eggs benedict price range as well. My only gripe is give me a bigger plate next time - I struggled a fair bit!

Great place for a simple brunch - if for whatever reason you don't mind driving to Changi Village! And yes, no GST and service charge, wootAaaA! 10 points.

Chock Full Of Beans
4 Changi Village, #01-2090 (Corner)

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