Sunday, August 5, 2012

Food For Thought, Botanical Gardens

After the Chinese Orchestra Outdoor Rhapsody at the Botanical Gardens, we headed to Food For Thought (which turned out to be quite a walk from the stage). We've always wanted to try this place ever since they were by Bugis so thought why not!

 There's quite a big seating area with a kids playground outside too. A nice spot to relax at after traipsing around in the Gardens.

 Self serviced style here, so you place orders by the counter but food gets delivered to your table.

 They had quite a selection of pastas, burgers and other mains and desserts as well, but we just wanted something light so we opted for two burgers and a set to share.

{ Grilled Portobello ($8) }
w/ Pineapple Sage Vinaigrette

 Didn't feel like having meat so I opted for the portobello (the meatiest of all mushrooms!?). Gotta say I wasn't very impressed. It wasn't very sizeable and for $8 I was kind of expecting a little bit more portobello action.

 I could taste the pineapple but just barely. Could not taste much sage, and yes the portobello was tiny!

{ Slow Roasted Pulled Pork ($8) }
w/ Homemade BBQ Sauce

 Have to say that tomato looked like a candied apple when it arrived, a 30%-of-a-tomato slice slathered in caramelized onions and BBQ sauce sat atop a pile of pulled pork. Nothing too great I felt - the BBQ sauce was nice, the pork was salty and a bit dry and tough, and the bun was strange (consistency felt closer to white bread than burger bun). $5 to make a set with a bottled drink and fries. Fries were chunky cut, not bad, with liberal volumes of mustard.

Didn't have good experience with their burgers, but it seems like their other mains or the other branch at Queen Street do pretty well!

Food For Thought
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Cluny Road Entrance (Basement)

Main website :
HGW Link (77% recommended at time of posting) :
Rating (for burgers) : 

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