Sunday, February 17, 2013

Poulet, Bugis+

 With quite a number of 'specialty' chicken places already available, I was still pretty curious about Poulet's promise of 'amazing french roast chicken'. There seems to be a leaning towards affordable french food these days..

We went to the Bugis+ outlet after a movie one weekend (believe there's another one at Great World City).

 No queue around 7pm, although most tables were occupied.

{ Sauté Wild Mushrooms ($7.80) }
Sautéed button mushrooms, Shimeji mushrooms and King Oyster mushrooms
served with poached egg

 Hungry and needing nibbles, we ordered the mushrooms to start. I thought these were succulent, earthy and quite nicely sauteed. Yum. The poached egg was a bit of a fail though - it was closer to hard boiled! Someone in the kitchen needs to watch this video.

 Yeah the poached egg was completely non-runny ... which was a shame, but the mushrooms were great.

{ Poulét Roti ($28.80 for whole) }
Slow roast rotisserie chicken with home-made mushroom Chardonnay sauce

 Decided to order a whole bird for both of us - somehow I expected it to be smaller and without any accompanying leaves/gravy - so hey good news all around! The chicken was moist and tender and the creamy, tasty sauce at the bottom gives a nice flavour. The mushrooms paired excellently with the chicken as well and at one point we were deliberating on ordering some warm crusty baguette to soak up the sauce (we restrained ourselves!).

 Dare I venture to say Poulet lives up to its promise? I do think so!

 The portion didn't look like much when we saw other peeps eating it ... but that whole chicken for  two people was really than enough. More mushrooms underneath, in that lovely earthy, creamy and sweet mushroom chardonnay sauce AND rocket on the side ... it's a complete meal by itself! And at under $30 for this quantity and quality, it really is a steal (and reminds me of why Nando's is kind of a ripoff). I would definitely recommend going for some crusty bread to lap up the sauce, instead of more mushrooms which was overdosey for us.

{ Profiteroles ($6.80) }
Choux puffs with vanilla ice-cream, warm chocolate sauce and almond flakes

 Now onto dessert (of course) and all around us we could see the tiramisu on (almost) every table. On hindsight we should have gone with the crowd favourite but we wanted to be 'different' and got the profiteroles instead. This was a bit disappointing.. the choux puffs were clearly of the frozen variety. Although quite generous with the chocolate sauce. We lapped everything up but wished the dish had a bit more soul.

 Great pricing, great food, great location, and not even a queue on a Sunday night.

201 Victoria Street, Level 4 Bugis+

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