Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wheels & Wieners, 25A Perak Road

What better way to end a long and shitty day in the office, than hot dogs and alcohol???

If not for   chancing upon this place in a night out at little India, we would have missed quite a find! Tucked away at Perak Road (somewhat between Little India Arcade and Sim Lim Tower), this classy deli place is a popular spot for bikers, hence the name.

 The decor of the place is reminiscent of old-school American diners, with the polka dot tablecloth, vintage posters and chalkboards (kinda like Billy Bomber's, just done correctly).

Serving up 10-ish varieties of hot dogs, they also do other classic American favourites like southern fried chicken - no doubt that'll be on my next to-eat list! We each ordered a dog and decided upon a spiked milkshake to share.

{ Key Lime Pie Milkshake $14) }
Gin, lime juice, Graham crackers, vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream

 Man, if you ever thought a mixture of gin, lime juice, biscuits and ice cream would taste strange, don't, cos this was AWESOME. Admittedly a lil' pricey - given I could only taste a faint whiff of gin, the combination really did, indeed, taste of key lime pie, with the right amount of sweet and sour. Add whipped cream for added sin (we gave it a pass).

 I made a face when  ordered this, but hot damn was this good! It's key lime pie in liquid form! What witchcraft is this?

{ Warpig ($18) }
Grilled spicy pork sausage, pulled pork with Texan mayo and candied pork belly bits

 Spicy pork sausage, pulled pork, AND candied pork belly BITS??? Sign me up. And wow, this was easily ... the porkiest hot dog I've ever tasted. The sausage was really great, good quality meat in the sausage with that little chilli-ed kick. Pulled pork sweet and chewy and that pork belly bits ... out of this world. Add to all that, the lovely mayo and you're got yourself a winner (  wiener? ha!). My only gripe was that bun was so fried, and piping hot and oily I couldn't hold it in my hands.

We heard so much about the sweet potato fries - sadly we forgot to get them swapped when we ordered! So both of us ended up with regular fries, which were still good.

{ The Junkie ($16) }
Grilled jumbo beef dog, grilled portobello mushrooms, onions and melted swiss cheese

 Argh choices! I settled for the Junkie simply because mushrooms and cheese. I enjoyed this hefty and tasty beef dog (with lashings of mustard and ketchup) but then thought I should have gone for something a bit more exciting/different. Eating was a challenge - but a fun one! I generally struggle with things on buns (burgers, hotdogs namely) and had to maneuver a fork and knife in the basket (the basket by the way is too cute) How I managed to finish everything, including half a shake, is quite a miracle.

 The drinks are good, beer isn't too expensive, but the hot dogs are where it's at. They serve mega-jumbo sized hot dogs as well, pay them a visit to see for yourself!

 Come for the big bikes display as well :)

Wheels & Wieners
25A Perak Road

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