Friday, March 8, 2013

Morganfield's, Star Vista

 Morganfield's did not make in our coin flip the last time the four legged foodies couldn't decide where to go for dinner at the Star Vista. But it was a Friday night out with friends this time, and we knew for certain ribs and beer were in order!

 All the F&B outlets seemed to be very busy that night, maybe there was a gig at the theatre. Glad we had a reservation for the 5 of us.

{ Chilli Cheese Fries ($12.90) }
Fries baked with cheese, topped with pork bacon bits and served with chilli con carne

 While the lovely married couple were battling with parking issues, the 3 of us decided to first order some munchables while waiting. The chilli cheese fries was oh so cheeseeyy! So tasty, we were diligently scraping it off the plate to make sure we got every single molecule. The mince is good too - wish there was more of it! We tried our best to save a few bites for the absent party.. but really it is best eaten warm and gooey.

{ Tuscan Baked Spicy Spare Ribs (Full Slab $36.90) }
Oven roasted with spicy tomato sauce. Served with red skin mashed potatoes & garden veggies

 The stars of the show arrived just in time when all of us were finally at the table. We ordered 2 flavours of the full rack of ribs. And boy, a full slab is full on! This Tuscan spicy style was a bit more spice-d than piquant. It has sort of a sweet tomato-ey flavour which was pretty interesting. The meat itself was amazing - soft, easily falling off the bone. The mashed taters was good too.

 Just looking at this now is making my stomache rumble. The waiter casually mentioned that he thought two full slabs would not be enough for five. Er. No. It is enough - the full slab is no joke!

{ Hickory Wood-Smoked Ribs (Full Slab $36.90) }

 This was my favourite, and probably what most people are used to. The smokey bbq sauce is really tasty and again the meat is just wonderful. It went well with the beer too (their happy hour promo is pretty good - get a half pint free with every pint).

 Beautiful char and glaze on those ribs - meat tender and full of flavour with every bite ... you just can't go wrong with these.

{ Chocolate Lava Cake ($13.90) }
Moist, warm chocolate cake filled with rich chocolate cream, served with vanilla ice cream & caramel sauce

 We simply had to try dessert. Not just one but two kinds! First up, the chocolate lava cake - it turned out bigger than I thought (no bad thing!) which is perfect for sharing. I really liked this - not too sweet at all, which is balanced out by the caramel drizzle. I am slightly salivating now thinking about how the warm gooey lava burst forth. The vanilla ice cream is really nice too.

{ Home-made Apple Pie ($9.90) }
Served warm with vanilla ice cream & drizzled with caramel sauce

 This apple pie was good as well - good sized, flavourful apple & cinnamon, lovely crust.. although I'd pick the chocolate if I really had to only choose one!

 The lava cake definitely stole the show compared to the apple pie, though the cinnamon flavour in this was one was surprisingly strong. I thought they went overboard with the caramel on both desserts because honestly it's not needed., they were good enough as is.

No qualms, no contest, hands down the best (and best value) ribs I've had locally. Service was good, Kronenberg 1664 Blanc was just sooooooooooo awesome with the ribs ... I would love to try more on another visit.

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#02-23 The Star Vista

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  1. a full slab! i'm such a sucker for ribssss, gotta try this place sometime! thanks for the write up!


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