Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wimbly Lu, Jalan Riang

Following an ok brunch we decided to get dessert before the movie. Wimbly Lu was located smack dab in the middle of a private housing estate - very odd location I assure you (and hellish parking) but as you would know it it was packed when we got there.

 It was a bizzare layout with a glass roof, and tables and couches at odd placements. But the waft of chocolate and the stunning display of desserts at the entrance was remarkable.

 We weren't quite hungry but there was always room for dessert. We asked for recommendations and was suggested to try their hallmark root beer cake with vanilla ice cream.

{ Root beer cake w/vanilla ice cream ($6) }

 At $6 it was inexpensive but the serving size wasn't big - which suited us for the moment as couldn't eat more than that. Unlike some places that serve cakes the size of your face for $15 with no option to order half a slice!

On first bite - yum! The root beer taste was rather distinct, and the warm cake itself moist, fudgey and yet not too sweet. Perfect pair with a cold sweet vanilla ice cream. The root beer taste did wane after 2-3 bites but hey as a regular chocolate fudge cake it was still good.

{ Classic Hot Chocolate ($5) }

 We couldn't have left without a cup of classic hot chocolate. Was nice sipping this as it was a cold wet day - the chocolate was rich and just a teeny bit sweet.

Had we had more stomache that day we would've tried a lot more, as the shelf offered quite a stock of cakes, pies, tarts and other chocolate goodies. My only complain was of course, the location. If you don't drive (and it's good fun finding parking) it's a fair bit of walk inside the no-bus estate, or roughly 15 minutes from Serangoon MRT.

Wimbly Lu
Jalan Riang

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