Sunday, March 17, 2013

Arbite, Serangoon Garden Way

 We were headed to NEX to watch the movie "Flight" (god knows why it only shows at Shaw) and since we had the car we decided to try some harder-to-get-to areas in the Serangoon area for brunch and dessert. Arbite turned up quite highly in the brunch department so we decided to give it a try.

 We parked our car semi conveniently at a private housing estate across the road, through the drizzle was a hassle. This brunch spot was located on the second floor amongst a row of shops just next to Chomp Chomp.

{ Long Black and Flat White }

 It was packed and we were lucky we made a reservation when we did (though we still arrived earlier) - a queue started to form not long after we sat down. We started with coffee after ordering our brunch. The black for me was just regular, not much depth and a little thin for my liking - could it be I just don't like Avanti? *shrugs*

{ Croque Madam ($15.90) }
Toasted Foccacia sandwich with a parma ham, brie cheese and truffle mayo filling topped with a poached egg

 Now this was just ... wow. What a shame.  had this. Firstly I have to say I didn't think this particular foccacia fitted the sandwich right. There was too little ham, or cheese, and I thought the egg wasn't quite poached right either (a sunny-side fitted it better too). All in all the flavour was there but the plate was badly plated and the portion small for that price. Not quite the croque madam we had in mind.

{ Arbite Breakfast ($15.90) }
Scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans, grilled tomato, veal bratwurst, sautéed mushrooms, toasted brioche and pomme noisettes

 This was just alright. Again I felt the brioche was a poor complement - it was too sweet and buttery (though nice) but didn't quite go with the rest of the plate. I thought the bratwurst was a little undercooked (skin was tough and insides still creamy) but everything else was ok. Comparing portion alone you could see what a let down the croque madam was!

As we left hurriedly in lieu of the queue we both were rather puzzled about why this place seemed so popular. The place was cramped and totally enclosed which meant the discussions and laughter at other tables just seemed deafening. Coffee wasn't great and the food wasn't either. I'd take my money and my time elsewhere.

66A Serangoon Garden Way

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