Friday, May 6, 2011

Sister Drunken Chicken Mee, Jalan Alor, KL

Due to silly flight scheduling, we had to fly into KL from Siem Reap on our way back to SG. This was no bad thing, since this means moar gastronomic explorations! With only about 24hours, we plonked ourselves in the Bukit Bintang area for convenience.

Hungry and keen for some local nosh upon reaching, we walked around Jalan Alor for a bit before deciding on this little stall situated slightly further away from the zi char places (as most were already closed).

We ordered:

Wanton mee! This is one of those noodle dishes that shouldn't go wrong but still often does. However this unassuming bowl was really good! The noodles were the right texture (slightly chewy) and came doused in black sauce that was not too salty. It also came topped with a bit of chilli oil for that extra kick.

Noodles were Q, sauce wasn't too over bearing, wantons juicy and flavourful. I thought this wanton mee pwned all that I've tasted in Singapore, but probably still can't beat the JB style with the slightly flat noodles.

Best thing about this was the char siew! KL-style with a bit of gravy, it was appropriately fatty and tender. We gobbled this down.

I had the titular drunken chicken mee. How they got the chicken drunk is anyone's guess, but this ultra flavourful dish was astounding. Sauce was extremely thick and FILLED with shao xing wine, tremendous flavour. Parsley, fungi, ginger (which went so well with the chinese wine sauce) and fried egg (at extra cost) with the mee sua-like noodles were absolutely delicious. We took advantage of the drunk chicken :D

All in all it was a pleasant surprise as we wandered into the stall randomly, not knowing what to expect. We left with a new found respect for wanton mee and drunk chicken!

Rating (out of 4) :

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