Monday, May 2, 2011

Viva! Mexico, Siem Reap

And so began our hike through the desert regions of Siem Reap (well not really desert but the damn place was dusty and pushing 40 degrees). Dragging our feet through the sandy lands of old market, amidst the oasis mirages we came across the bright red interior of Viva! Mexico (not to be confused with Singapore's V!va Mexico).

Hungry, tired, and war torn, we waited impatiently as the near empty restaurant took nearly 20 minutes to prepare our food! Thankfully it was worth waiting for as this arrived ...

Chimichanga! Muy delicioso. The massive burrito, which was a bit crunchy, was jam packed with chicken. Wish there was more cheese and sour cream and proper chilli, but this was gooooood stuff for a very hungry and grumpy bunny at 2.30pm. I enjoyed the sides of rice and salad too. Needless to say I polished all of this (!!).

I had the enchiladas, which I SWEAR they somehow managed to stuff one whole chicken inside it. Putting so much chicken and cheese, two of my favourite foods together in one casing is just best thing ever. However I felt the dish was not very complete as there was not enough salsa or guacamole, and again the lack of sour cream.

But oh well, so much chicken. I forgive you!

Rating (out of 4) :

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