Saturday, May 7, 2011

Theobroma Chocolate, KL

Back to Singapore, but first, some Halal cake!

Located at the LCCT terminal, it is a convenient place to hang out and while some time away before your budget flight. That's pretty much it for this cafe though!

We wanted to go to Starbucks first but it was full so we settled for this near empty coffeeplace. Not long after sitting down did we discover why - there was a strange soapy disinfectant rancid stench wafting around the main sitting area (where someone was mopping the floor), so we plopped ourselves at the furthest table possible. After which we were assaulted by a legion of fly armies commandeered by Leonidas himself! Argh.

Nevermind, we attempted to comfort ourselves with some cake instead. The mascarpone carrot cake looked enticing in the shelf.

Carrot cakes are lovely - it's usually served warm, moist and soft and has chunks of raisins and walnuts in it, bursting with cinnamon-y goodness and the saltiness of cream cheese.

We did not have this.

What we did have, instead, was a room-temperature dry, flaky and pathetic (half-baked? ha!) attempt at a carrot cake. The mascarpone was non-existent. In its place is an overly sweet, almost whipped-cream thing that made up half the cake. There was almost no carrot to speak of either.

Dry, a little sweet (when it should be salty/sour), and besides that tasteless, it's closer in constituency to chinese carrot cake than actual kek.

Disappointed, we turned to our second order - dark chocolate cake with layers of ganache. As soon as I put my fork in it, all hope vanished. It was utterly crumbly and dry, not quite the rich, molten kind I had envisioned. The ganache was okay but the cake didn't hold together very well to begin with. After some prodding, the cake was reduced to a plateful of crumbs and despair :(

In summary...


Oh yes, we tasted the difference indeed.

By the way, for two slices of cake and a latte this was the most expensive meal we had in KL. Should have stuck to Starbucks.

Rating (out of 4) :

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