Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bacon Egg Pie

Hmmm ... what can we do with bacon and a little bit of puff pastry leftover from Beef Wellington?

Bacon Egg Pie

- Streaks of bacon : 4
- Frozen vegetables
- Eggs : 2
- Any sliced cheese : 2
- Frozen Puff Pastry : enough to cover 2 ramekins
- Basically anything else you want

Serves : 2

As simple as recipes get!

Step 1) Cut bacon into squares.

Step 2) Fry bacon as usual!

Step 3) As bacon is getting awesome, defrost your frozen peas and stuff in the microwave.

Step 4) Bacon is awesome.

Step 5) Line bottom of ramekin with bacon, cover with frozen vegetables.

Step 6) Pour in one beaten egg into each ramekin.

Step 7) Cover with cheese!
Step 8) Cover with rolled out puff pastry - if you have enough puff pastry you can encase the entire ramekin with it but we didn't. If you did so you can take the pie out of the ramekin when done - but without it you can just eat off the ramekin. Now it is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to make smiley faces on your pies.

Step 9) Bake for roughly 10-15 minutes when pastry turns golden brown - voila! Decorate with copious amounts of baby spinach and dig in!

Not so much a pie but more of a ramekin full of bacon omelette, easy to make, easy to eat, easy to clean. Nice flaky pastry with a bit of egg and bacon in every bite ... simple pleasures of life.

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