Saturday, July 9, 2011

Scissor Cut Curry Rice, Beach Road

To kickstart our day of tramping around the Bugis / Jalan Besar area on a blistering Saturday, we decided to fuel up at this very iconic food stall:

Beach Road Scissor Cut Rice has been around for as long as most people can remember - and as a true blue Malaysian myself (who has only officially been on this island for about 1.5 years now!), even I do believe this qualifies as one of Singapore's heritage food. I imagine there is comfort in eating and enjoying the good stuff which have been eaten and enjoyed for many years.

Yeah I guess 剪刀剪 needs no introduction, this shabby little joint has been open for god knows how many years, and open from 11am till 330am and located behind Mustafa means if you're ever up partying hard in Little India till late you could pop by for some nice Chinese curry rice.

The setup is very basic: a small stall and a till counter inside a coffeeshop. There was already a line of people when we got there at 12pm and most in line before us were tapau-ing a few packets at one go. You choose from an assortment of mostly fried items (chicken/pork chop, ngoh hiang, fish paste, etc) or braised pork, veg and curry chicken - all to be snippity-snipped into bite sized portions and piled atop your plate of steamed rice, and then lathered in thick goop and braised cabbage.

{ Rice and stuff with curreh} ~$4

This may not be the healthiest of meals, but definitely one of the cheapest and scrummiest you can find today! The curry and braised sauce is thick (from starch I think) and flavourful, and melds the rice together in a yummy mush. Bear and I ordered a variety of items to try between both of us - and I must say they were all good! Then again I suppose, everything tastes like the spillage of goop.

Simple ingredients as what you would expect from a 杂菜饭! But that curry and braised sauce drizzled (lol drizzled ... more like slathered) over the top completely changes the experience - sticky, goopy and heart-clogging, please get a drink before your esophagus clogs up and overflows.

I can see how this can't be everyone's cup of tea though. The mess of sauce overwhelming a plate of rice can't be very visually appealing nor appetizing. Also this is quite heavy on the sauce action, so for the rice purists who like their fluffy white grains pristine and untainted, this really isn't the place to go.

I should have asked the owners the chicken and egg question - did the curry sauce come after them deciding to scissor cut everything, or is the scissor cutting to prevent curry spillage trying to pry your chicken cutlet in two? Hmm.

This was a winner for us! Can't go wrong with value for money, delicious local food.

Comparing the Vivocity scissor cut curry rice to this is like comparing a nice cuppa Arabican latte to a cuppa homemade coffee which you later realized was made from coffee bean-shaped dirt nuggets - please go for the original!

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