Friday, July 22, 2011

Manna Story, Plaza Singapura

For some strange reason I've had a craving for korean food for some time now, despite me previously not fancying korean food the slightest. Guess I'm slowly converting to liking the soury spicy kick of kimchi jjigae!

Sis told me of this great place at PS basement which was cheaper and better than Sarang (which wasn't too great anyway) called Manna Story. Was greeted by a queue but was quickly ushered in.

It's hard for me to not think of Secret of Mana sitting here in Manna Story, and I silently lamented how awesome a game that was. Ah ... childhood.

The cinnamon tea (Soojeonggwa 수정과) kinda piqued my interest on the menu. While I have absolutely no idea what "Nostalgia Drink" means, this was surprisingly extremely cinnamonny - it tastes more like 90% cinnamon, 5% sugar and 5% tea, which was pretty damn good (and strange).

This so-called nostalgia drink failed to live up to its name in this respect (for me anyway, was clearly reminiscing his childhood). What this drink was, however, an extremely cinnamon-y and sweet concoction that would later be a balm to the spicy food ordered. Note the curious illustration on the can:

{ Soojeonggwa 수정과}
Soon came my Spicy Beef Jjigae thing - and the fiery soup of red death kinda intimidated me a little. Turns out my soup wasn't really all that spicy, and to be honest I could hardly find any beef inside - there was at most 4 strands of beef, which is kinda sad when "Beef" is in the damn name of the dish! Regardless, the soup itself was really really good - rich, steathily spicy (it got really spicy near the end where all the chilli powder was hiding) nice portions of kimchi in it and extremely appetite whetting. Was a pleasant surprise I must say though I still find they skimped on the beef!

The stews each come with 4 side dishes, which are your standard issue korean side dishes I guess - ikan bilis (which were yum), kimchi, bean sprouts (surprisingly yum), and some sticky potato thing (sweet and also yum).

{ Spicy Beef Jjigae thing}

The had the Kimchi Jjigae which I felt was wayyy better than mine. Soury and even spicier than mine, they were quite generous with the vegs and tofu / mushrooms etc. Was a satisfying slurp to the finish, though I don't think my stomache agrees with kimchi very much.

This kimchi soup did pack lots of flavour and ingredients - I really liked this and would highly recommend to anyone! Each spoonful was more than sufficiently sour and spicy - there seemed to be a bottomless supply of kimchi in here. I happily mopped up all the soup.

{ Kimchi Jjigae}
In summary I thought the food was pretty good and a decent price for the standard of food they serve. I admit I'm not a huge fan of Korean food but this gets a thumbs up from me ;)

We'll be back to try the communal pot of grill thing! (the name eludes us now.. but it's this giant dish of stuff you share between at least 2 people..)

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