Friday, September 9, 2011

Jerry's BBQ & Grill, Club Street

 Yet another long overdue dinner - wanting to savour sake at Shots after, we decided to check our Jerry's BBQ & Grill. Read about this place several times, finally get to try it out!

Located along Club Street in the Ann Siang area, lottsss of nice restaurants and some bars here but mostly in the pricey range.

 Friend said the Jalan Kayu branch wasn't as good as this one ... we shall see! One of the best ribs I've had in my life was from Smokey's in New York - let's see how their self-proclaimed Memphis style matches up against it!

 Not exactly Memphis-style but apparently a must-have, we started with half dozen buffalo wings. "Smoking" was the least-hot ones (followed by Intensi-Fire, Chef's Challenge, Why-did-I-order-this and finally Cleansed-By-Satan's-Hellfire). I was gearing up for a tearing session following my experience at other 'famous' wings places (like Sunset Grill, what an horrendous experience) but to my surprise these weren't spicy at all. Even with the chilli flakes. Well not sure if it's a good or bad thing, but at least I was able to enjoy the chicken. Blue cheese dip is always welcoming!

{ Buffalo Wings "Smoking" ($12.95) } Most talked-about buffalo wings apparently.

 My friend raved about the pulled pork sandwich so we decided to share these and ribs for the mains. Reading up on a little on Memphis-style BBQ :

"Instead, they use only the highest quality of meat and let the slow smoking process enhance its natural flavor. This results in pork that is tasty and tender, even without rubs and sauces."

First bite - I thought it was a little bland to be honest. The BBQ sauce was great but the pork by itself wasn't that tasty - wasn't that tender too, which is odd because all the pulled pork I've had in other places are realllyyy soft. With a generous slather of BBQ sauce the sandwich was still good though.

{ Barbequed Pulled-Pork Sandwich ($14.95) }
"We also serve this hand-pulled tender pork piled high on a bun as a sandwich, which comes with coleslaw and fries / potato salad"

 And of course, you can't come to a BBQ place and not try their pork ribs! The Memphis-style is famous for their dry rubs and dry barbeque, so the meat itself is dry, as compared to say the St. Louis Ribs from Cafe Cartel which is wet and mushy. True enough, the meat itself was dry but very very flavourful - tender and easy to part from the bone but still has that chewability you won't find in a wet style. Really good - and again the stellar BBQ sauce slathered all over that thing. Sweet jesus.

{ Memphis Style Hickory-smoked Barbeque Pork Ribs ($21.95 for half slab) }
"Baby back pork ribs smoked-barbequed for 4-5 hours. Tender, juicy and falling off the bone. Served covered with our homemade barbeque sauce."
 They do serve steaks and stuff like prawns if you wanted them grilled as well. The place is three storeys but doesn't have much seating space so do arrive early on a busy night because I don't think they take reservations. Their ribs are the real deal so definitely go for the ribs! To be honest I was impressed by the way the meat was still firm yet tender, and falls sooooo easily off the bone - only achievable from really slow cooking over the grill.

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