Sunday, September 4, 2011

TBB (The Better Burger), The Foundry

 Yet again armed with a discount voucher, we were promised a burger and fries for just sixxxxx dolllaarrrrsssss. Awww yeaaaa. Located at Mohammad Sultan Road, we were suspicious as to why they would open a new burger joint so near the godlike transcendental Fatboy's. But upon arriving, we learnt the cold hard truth that Fatboy's has been replaced by TBB :(

Not sure why, personally I thought Fatboy's gave me one of the best burgers in Singapore, though they still have their branch in East Coast area, the one here was so much more accessible. Oh well.

 Oh no, Fatboy's has left The Foundry! I thought this new burger joint has quite the balls bold proclamation. Personally I would hesitate to declare myself as the Better Burger, especially after taking over the quasi-institution that is Fatboy's - but hey that's where the four legged foodies come in to find out for ourselves :)

 Located on Mohammad Sultan Road just behind Robertson Quay, The Foundry has an Indian restaurant, a Thai restaurant, this new burger joint and a bar of sorts. Not exactly in most people's neighbourhoods though.

 The variety of food available here means it's easier to accommodate a larger group of potentially picky eaters. Pizza? Check. Butter chicken? Check. Phad thai? Check.

 To be honest I was never a big fan of the service at the Foundry. Probably because it's a joint seating area owned by several restaurants, nobody really takes ownership of clearing the damn tables. I had to plead and convince one of the waitresses before she cleared mine!

 It's a nice chillout spot, a good change from the nearby Clarke/Robertson Quay. I do like it but yea, it's pretty much a self service place, so bear that in mind before you sit at your table for 20 minutes wondering why isn't anyone coming to ask which damn beer you want.

 The $6 voucher allowed us to pick any burgers under $13 - I stuck to the traditional Cheese Bacon, a generously sized beef patty with cheese and grilled bacon. Well I guess I was moderately impressed when the burger came. The fries ... not so much. It's the thin short ones, double fried with a dash of pepper. Exceedingly normal and too oily for my liking - tastes like they bought it from MacDonald's then fried them again.

As for the first bite, hmm not bad, tastes like a burger, nothing too mind blowish. After a few more bites I felt really jelat - the patty was really oily and wet, and even the bun was really really oily. While the burger was no doubt "not bad", it wasn't great either and it was way too oily to my liking.

{ Cheese Bacon ($13) } Cheddar, Bacon, Iceberg Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo, Gherkin, BBQ Sauce

 I chose the Mexican Burger, just because it was.. different (I was also extremely tempted by the other one with the pesto sauce). This was quite a sizeable burger (I really do mean 'quite') and my immediate thought was "oh yum hey cool look beans".

{ Mexican ($13) } Sour Cream, Habanero Spicy Kidney Bean Salsa, Mayo,
Iceberg Lettuce, Tomato

 This wasn't bad - the beans were definitely an interesting addition and I always appreciate foliage in my burgers. The patty could not reeeaally be faulted (let's not this time, lol). My main gripe is that it lacked a Mexican flavour, which was really what you would expect from a burger named The Mexican (right?!) Throw some jalapenos and more pronounced 'habanero spicy' in there and I'd be happier! Heck, I'd even go so far as to add some nachos and guacamole inside the burger. But that's just me.

 Personally I liked the idea as well but I thought with ingredients like this, you won't have a burger that holds together - and it was true. Just by picking the burger up, the beans and salsa started to fall out. Also did not taste any spiciness! 

 Overall, a decent alternative burger place. But does TBB live up to its name? I'm afraid not! Sure, to each his own, but I can certainly find Better Burgers elsewhere.

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